Pregnant Mom Leaves 5 Year Old Alone With Oven On, Gets Angry At Husband's Reaction

One mother is asking the citizens of the Internet for their opinions about her husband's reaction to learning she left their five-year-old home alone with the oven on.

Revealed on a Reddit thread, one user revealed that one mom on an unnamed Facebook group asked the users what they thought of her husband's angry texts after coming home to find their child home alone. The Facebook user went on to explain that she's six months pregnant and got a craving for something to eat. She decided that while her son's lunch was in the oven, she'd step out, run to the mall, and grab her food. She says she's left the five-year-old home alone more than once before, so, in her mind, he can take care of himself. The father didn't see it that way, however.


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"Where the [explative] are you...how did you not see this is wrong?" writes the angry dad (in a slightly edited text) across two messages. Her response indicated that she only intended to be away for a short time, and their son would be back before the food was ready, and their child was preoccupied, so in her mind, everything was fine.

The pregnant mother didn't take the criticism too well. Taking to Facebook, she asked her fellow moms what they'd do if their husbands spoke to them like this. She even suggested leaving him and trying to restrict his visitation to her children.

In a response on Reddit, the user who found the original Facebook post says more screenshots reveal that the mother told the father she was taking her children to her mother's house, though it's difficult to confirm the validity of that comment. We were unable to find the group or the post on Facebook, so there is a chance it has been removed.

Aside from the extremely problematic behavior that the mother has shown regarding her views about the father's to see his kids, leaving a five-year-old home unsupervised is highly unrecommended. In fact, Kid's Health suggests waiting until the child is 10 to start that. This is because, in the case of an emergency, a 10-year-old is mature enough to respond in an appropriate manner, though it's important to note that every kid is different, so parents need to use their judgment accordingly.


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