Mom Taking Legal Action Against Elementary School That Shamed Her For Breastfeeding In Public

A mom who was shamed for breastfeeding in public at her daughter's elementary school is taking legal action.

Newborn babies know nothing of your schedule. That goes for when you need to work, when you need to eat, and when you need to sleep. When they need something, regardless of time of day and what you might be doing at the time, then they will demand you give it to them.

That's why the aversion and confusion that still surrounds the act of breastfeeding is a frankly astounding one. If a mom is out and about with their little one and that little one needs feeding, then breastfeeding has to happen. In many parts of the world, there are even laws protecting a mom's right to breastfeed in public. Nevertheless, people continue to tell women that they shouldn't be breastfeeding in certain places.

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via Medical News Today

That happened to Myranda Juarez recently, a mom living in Louisville, Kentucky. Juarez was helping out with picture day at Jefferson Elementary School, reports CafeMom. It was there that she noticed her youngest daughter Natalie getting fussy. Naturally, she decided to start breastfeeding her to calm her down and send her back to sleep. While breastfeeding, a school counselor approached the mom and asked her to move to her office.

Since the feeding had already begun, Juarez explained that she would prefer to stay put. She was then told that if she wanted to breastfeed on school grounds, she would have to do so in a private office. Not only was that embarrassing for the mom, but it actually flies right in the face of Kentucky Law. That law "forbids any city or person from restricting a mother from breastfeeding in a location where she is otherwise allowed to be."

That's why Juarez has decided to take legal action against the school. The shamed mom is seeking damages and also asking that all staff at Jefferson Elementary School undergo sensitivity training. We'll end this particular chapter of an ongoing issue with a comment made on social media about this particular case. Since a baby's head covers more of a woman's boob than most bikinis, what is the issue here?


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