Mom-To-Be "Furious" After Losing First Child As Intruder Throws Her Into A Table During Break In

A pregnant woman was assaulted by a "thug" inside her home which caused her water to break. Her son was born stillborn at 20 weeks.

Abbie Nesbit, 23, from Runcorn, Cheshire, was pregnant with her first child. She was early in her second trimester and she was very excited to be able to finally be a mom. She said that she is furious that a "thug" caused her to lose her baby. Nesbit said that an intruder broke into her home and grabbed her. He then threw her across her table and the force caused her water to break. Abbie shared that she was woken up on August 11 at about 5 a.m. The only reason she answered the door was because they had a disabled neighbor who sometimes needs help. It was not her neighbor, it was a drunk man waiting for her. She told him to go away but he did not listen.

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He then made his way inside and she went to block the staircase because her mom and sister were upstairs sleeping but the thug hurled her across a table. “He kept throwing me back against the table,” she said. He then ran away because he could hear noises upstairs. “I had dropped down to the floor with the pain in my stomach, I could feel water,” Abbie explained.“I had to go to the bathroom and get changed I was so damp. I was in so much pain, I was in agony. I couldn’t walk and I was bleeding, I was really worried about baby Jamie.” She went to the hospital and the doctors started monitoring her. She was only 13 weeks along so it didn't appear like she was going to have a safe baby. Nesbit ended up delivering a stillborn at 20 weeks. It was devastating. Jamie was buried in a white casket and Abbie is in shambles and wants justice for her baby.


She named her child Jamie after the baby's father and she is furious that the man who attacked her was only being charged with assault. He would have been charged with murder but the baby was born before 24 weeks and therefore the baby was not considered a "human" within the law. Nesbit now wants to fight to get the law changed. She said that it is not fair for Jamie but at least other women would be protected if they lose their babies in brutal attacks. She said: “It won’t help us, but at least baby Jamie will have a legacy forever. We want to protect women and unborn babies. Who is someone else to prevent that pregnancy from going any further.”

Nesbit is hoping that she can get the law changed to 16 weeks when a heartbeat can be clearly seen on a scan. Abbie’s father, Luke Bryant, started a petition to bring about a new law called "Jamie's Law."  It has had more than 7,200 signatures. Luke shared that there have been hundreds of women who have reached out to him and have shared that similar things have happened to them. “The amount of responses we have had is really heartbreaking,” he said. “It has struck a chord with so many people.”

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