This Mom Says She’s Loving Her Kids ‘Less’ After They Took A Toll On Her Mental Health

It’s no secret that parenting can take a toll on your mental well-being. But for one woman, being a mother has become so strenuous that she has decided to love her kids ‘less.’

Kelly Baker, who is a single mom of two boys, opened up about her controversial decision in an essay for 9Honey. She began by explaining how her son’s father left their family when the children were only 3 and 4-years old. It’s just been her and her sons ever since, but Baker admitted that balancing the responsibilities of being a single parent have become too much to handle.

She says she was beginning to overlook her boys’ bad behaviour since she felt too exhausted to try and be a disciplinarian, adding she felt “exhausted and miserable.”. Moreover, the mom-of-two described constantly chauffeuring her boys around to school and extra-curricular activities are “debilitating.” "It leaves you with nothing. But you keep doing it because they are your kids and they need your love,” Baker explained.

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The demands of motherhood took a great toll on Baker’s mental health. So much so, she says she began suffering from anxiety and depression due to the craziness of her everyday life. "But then one day you wake up and the world looks bleak and sad. At least this is what happened to me,” she wrote.

However, the frustrated mother one day had an epiphany. She realized that not only is she suffering, but her boys were not benefiting from their mother being stretched so thin. This is when Baker vowed to love her boys “less” in order to be a better mother. She explained she’s doing this by encouraging her sons to be more independent and do more things for themselves. That way, it gives her extra time to focus on her own needs, and subsequently, be a better parent to her children.

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"We all need to love ourselves more. And, I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but our kids less,” she said of her decision. "Only that way will we teach our offspring that self-care matters. That loving and caring for ourselves is what will keep us mentally healthy and truly happy in the long run."

What do you think of this mom’s decision to love her kids “less,” BabyGaga readers? Does this mama have a point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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