Mom Of 5 Gives Birth In Moving Car

Little Corbyn Hope was in such a hurry to meet her big family that she refused to wait the 15 minutes it took to drive from the midwife's office to the hospital.

Mom Alexis, 24, knew her baby girl was on the way when, on the morning of September 5, she dropped her eldest daughter off at school and headed to see her midwife for what would be their last checkup. The now mom-of-five had been experiencing labour pains all night and sure enough, her midwife immediately confirmed that she was in labour. In fact, she was already seven centimetres dilated.

Alexis Swinney and her husband Dominique quickly packed their three young sons into the car and headed to the hospital, which was only a short drive away. Unfortunately, it may as well have been hours away for Alexis because it wasn't long before things really started to pick up.

"I was in so much pain," she recalled. A few moments later, her water broke, and that's when Alexis knew they weren't going to make it.

"The minute my water broke, I knew she was coming," she said.

With her three youngest children silent in the backseat, Alexis, screaming through her contractions, delivered her baby in the front seat of the car while her husband navigated the road, simultaneously recording the dramatic birth on his cell phone.

Despite what must have been a scary few moments for the family - especially Alexis who thought for a moment that her daughter might be breech - she knew that things were going to be okay.

"Right after I had her, I caught my breath at the stoplight, and I turned around and I sat down and I told my husband he could slow down, that we were all fine,” she said. “It was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever done."


Corbyn's incredible delivery immediately went viral after the Swinney family shared the raw footage of the incredible birth on Instagram. To date, the video has over 65,000 views, and it was even picked up by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who interviewed the entire family live on his show and surprised them with a brand new minivan.

"We are so humbled," they captioned, sharing a screen grab of their spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "The film crew for Jimmy Kimmel was awesome. Everyone was so cool and we honestly had no clue what they were really up to."

As for the question on everyone's minds: are they planning on having any more kids? Dominique assures us that the answer is no - but maybe he just needs a little more time to process this month's events.

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