Mom Of Triplets' Post-Baby Photo Encourages Body Acceptance

A Norwegian woman who chronicled her triplet pregnancy on Instagram is being refreshingly honest and open about her postpartum body. Maria Nordø Jørstad gave birth in Copenhagen to two girls and one boy on September 12th at 35 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy. A month later, she's expressing her disappointment in how her body hasn't recovered as well as she would like it to.

Last month, just days before delivery, Jørstad shared a photo of her huge baby bump. With triplets, her bump was very impressive and received a lot of attention. This post had thousands of views and people were empathetic to how she must be feeling and what a long journey she had. Many also encouraged her saying that she was doing good and to hang in there because we all know she must be exhausted!

She had been documenting her entire spontaneous triplet pregnancy since the beginning, starting with her emotional reaction to the life-changing news. She also kept track of her body changes and her growing belly. It really is fascinating to see the transition and how her babies grew. Her 22-week belly is what most women look like full-term. That alone tells you what a superwoman Jørstad is!

Any mom who's experienced a single pregnancy knows that carrying just one baby isn't a walk in the park. Carrying three, especially as long as she did, is an amazing feat! However a month after giving birth, Jørstad isn't "too happy" with how her belly hasn't shrunk yet. Part of her caption read, "Kind of disappointing I must admit, and I am not too happy to share this picture." But we're glad she did.

We've all had that moment shortly after giving birth just looking at our bodies and noticing all of the changes. Knowing that things are going to be different from now on is a big realization. Accepting that is an even bigger challenge.

For the record, we think We think Jørstad looks great! We appreciate her honesty and willingness to share herself in such a vulnerable state.

The most important thing is that these naturally conceived babies were all born healthy! After a short NICU stay, Iben, Agnes, and Filip all headed home. They join a two-year-old brother and two exhausted parents.

This type of pregnancy is rare and the toll it can take on a body can't be recovered in a month. Jørstad has shown us that the best postpartum body is one that is proud of what it did, not ashamed.

How has your body changed after giving birth? Share your story in the comments!


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