Master The Mom Outfit: Look Pulled Together When You’re Coming Apart

Being a mom is mostly a thankless job. You’re juggling kids and partnership and business and home life and social commitments and the list goes on! And while it feels like you’re getting pulled in a million directions, you’re still expected to look like you’ve got it all figured out. What’s the phrase? Ginger did everything Fred did, but backward - and in heels! I’ve found that mastering my mom outfit helps me feel like I've put in the effort to feel pulled together. In some small way, seeing myself look all spiffy helps me feel like I’m not coming apart at the seams.

Choose Your Mix and Match Wardrobe Staples

My favorite mom-life upgrade has been simplifying my wardrobe. Choosing a color palette was easy; black hides various baby and toddler mess. Olives have their place in every season, and metallics are a great coordinate with any look. Consider your skin tone and hair color when choosing a color palette. The trick is to make mixing and matching outfits staples easy! Within my own color palette, I have my daily basics: leggings, tee shirts, sweaters, and coats. Of course, no American wardrobe would be complete without denim! And as always, choose some fun prints that tie your wardrobe together and coordinate easily.

Mixing cute tee shirts into a basic mom outfit makes getting ready for the day easier! Via Little Lovelies Blog

Mixing and matching are key for ease of use with the mom-staples wardrobe! Since most of your stuff easily pairs together, start hanging or folding your outfits together. For example: If I’m wearing a dress with boots, I’ll hang the dress in my closet with tights and scarves draped over the hanger. I’ll put the boots underneath the dress so I can easily step into them. In my dresser, I’ll put a tee-shirt with a pair of leggings and roll it all around a pair of socks. With my sneakers by the bed, I can get dressed in the dark in three minutes. Folding items together also maximizes storage space.

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Sweaters And Coats For Every Outing

Investing in a solid, stylish outerwear layer helps me feel my most put-together investing in a solid, stylish outwear layer. A great coat can be so forgiving and really nails the cool mom-on-the-go vibe. Feel free to coordinate said coat with your cutest baby carrier. Add a carrier coat extender from an Etsy store and you’re on your way! Since I live in a place that has snowy winters, I add a matching hat and glove set with a classic scarf. Bonus: the hat easily hides unwashed mom-hair.

One great coat can take you so many places! Via Fashion Jackson

I can’t recommend keeping a basic color cardigan in your car more highly. I personally prefer black sweaters because, again, child-mess-resistant. If you realize you haven’t shaved your pits, or your shirt gets toddler-strainer, or you realize it’s chillier than you expected - you can throw that sucker over whatever you’re wearing and look effortlessly together.

Smart Accessories To Complete Your Look


“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Coco Chanel

Like Coco, I’m a firm believer in “less is more”. By all means, bling yourself to high heaven if it makes you feel more like the badass mom you are! I personally find it easier to wear one or two accessories together at a time. Usually, I plan my accessories out to coordinate the night before. I’ll add them to the hanger or in my drawer for easy dressing. I’ve always admired women who wear one classic piece as their signature jewelry. That seems to be an effortless option to look like you didn’t just witness a meltdown over some broken Goldfish. I personally toss on a pair of big sunglasses to cover yesterday’s eyeliner.

Easy 5 Minute Makeup For Real Moms

If you can find three easy products that will help you achieve a “naked” face, you’ll have a better chance of putting in the time to use them. While I’m no makeup artist, I’ve always enjoyed doing makeup for myself and others. But the time crunch of 24/7 parenting has totally stolen the time I’d previously have used to get ready for an event by painting my whole face. Nowadays, when I have no time to do anything else, I use only three products: highlighter, mascara, and lip tint. I keep them in a small bag so I can easily toss them into my purse and go. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add some contour with bronzer and an eyeliner. My point isn’t that makeup is the only way to look pulled together, but it’s how I personally know I’ve put some thought into my appearance.

Real mom makeup with no brushes, in 60 seconds or less! Via Valeria Lipovetsky YouTube

No, appearance isn’t the most important part of life, and definitely not the most important part of mom-life! I’m a firm believer in the power of self-care, and knowing I look like I’m wearing an outfit instead of some random clothes gives me confidence. When you feel good about yourself, you can do huge, amazing things! You’re a mom, after all. That’s basically like being a superhero!

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