UK Mom Opens Up About Photoshopping Her Daughter's Photos For Social Media

In today's digital world, more and more companies and brands are turning to social media to get their products noticed. And they're willing to do whatever it takes, whether offering free samples of their swag or simply cold hard cash in exchange for exposure.

One young mum from the UK knows that in order to get noticed by companies, you need to be able to compete - and that means looking your absolute best.

But she's not the one competing.

Danielle Wall, 20, has recently been uploading photos of her 11-month old daughter Isla to Instagram in an effort to attract companies wishing to collaborate. And it seems to be working. Little Isla currently represents a number of brands, thanks to her mum's efforts.

"A company will contact me or I will contact them asking if they want to collaborate," she said, explaining how she attracts business.

But that's not all Wall does to edge out the competition. She admitted that she also airbrushes her daughter's photos before uploading them to Instagram so that she looks "as good as possible" for companies who send her products to showcase.

"I wouldn’t say I’m improving her appearance as such, just making her look more professional for companies," she said. She added that this can entail anything from adjusting lighting to photoshopping out milk spots and red and snotty noses.

In exchange for Wall uploading photos of her daughter sporting various garments for the camera, companies will send her free clothes and other baby items.

In addition to being an Instagram "model", little Isla has also starred in commercials on behalf of the Alzheimer's Society and is currently represented by a modelling agency, according to Wall. Isla is also a budding beauty queen, entering her first pageant at the age of six months and coming in second place.

"She's signed up for even more this year," Wall said.

Wall insists that her daughter gets a kick out of modelling and hamming it up for the camera, and is aware that others may not approve of her decision to cast Isla into the spotlight at such a young age.

"No one has objected to my face, but I am certain a lot of people think it," she said. "But she enjoys it. And if she wants to stop when she is old enough she can at any time. I would never force her into anything."

Who knows?  Maybe little Isla will be the next big influencer. Take reality star-turned makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, for example, who reportedly makes up to one million dollars per Instagram post.

Not bad for a few quick snaps!

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