10 Reasons Why Moms-To-Be Should Consider Keeping A Pregnancy Journal

Having a baby is an exciting time in a new mother’s life. It’s one of the few moments that a woman will cherish in her life forever. The months during a pregnancy, however, can be daunting at times. Whenever new mothers feel down, it helps by writing everything down.

Journaling is the first thing therapists recommend when life-changing events get the best of us. Sometimes getting all of our thoughts down on paper can make our lives seem much easier. A pregnancy is a joyful experience, but it does pose many challenges for a new mother. Journaling can help ease them into the changes that come with carrying a baby. Here are 10 reasons why expecting mothers need to have a pregnancy journal!

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10 Case Of The Baby Brain

Baby Brain is more than just an age-old myth, it’s actually the main reason why a mother-to-be needs to take up journaling. Fans of the comedy sitcom Modern Family can recall the episode when Gloria was pregnant with her and Jay’s first son and experienced a serious case of Baby Brain. During an errand run to the grocery store with Claire, Gloria nearly climbs out of the moving car, forgetting where she was. This is an exaggerated example but there’s enough scientific evidence to prove that pregnant women do experience a decline in cognitive memory. If mothers-to-be do become forgetful, it helps to write everything down. Writing down errands, appointments and even our dinner date with hubby can keep us stay sharp!

9 Practice Self-Love

Keeping a schedule is essential to a new mother’s well-being. Expressing our emotions on paper also keeps a mother and her baby healthy. She can literally talk about anything, including the changes she experiences. The biggest challenge most pregnant women encounter is physical appearance, and some find the changes in their body during and after a pregnancy disorienting.

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They become concerned about their weight, and in some severe cases, sink into a deep depression. New mothers will especially find the experience startling but with the help of journaling, they can give themselves some self-love. Writing positive notes about ourselves can be an emotional booster.

8 Reduce Our Stress

Change is inevitable during pregnancy. Pregnant women go through a slew of changes that aren’t just physical, but emotional as well. Stress is common for pregnant women and if not handled properly, it can cause problems for the mother and the baby. Too much stress can cause a baby either to be born prematurely or underweight, which can lead to other health problems along the way. As mentioned before, journaling keeps our emotions in check. Jotting down our daily hardships and the challenges thrown our way can be very therapeutic. It helps put things in perspective and stops us from sweating the small stuff.

7 Bond With Our Baby

The real challenge isn’t about the uncontrollable changes that happen during pregnancy, though. It has more to do with how the new mother adapts to them. Accepting that her body is preparing itself for the new life is key. By doing so, they can try connecting with their baby. The child may be still cooking in the oven, as they say, but it’s never too early to start bonding with a little one.

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Throughout the duration of the pregnancy, many mothers tend to read to their babies. Sometimes they have them listen to Mozart. Others even write letters to them! It seems odd writing a letter to an unborn child, but journaling conversations between mothers and babies about their daily lives can increase prenatal bonding time significantly. It also helps mothers keep a detailed written album of all the special moments they shared with their baby. Some mothers have been known to pass on their pregnancy journal letters to their children on their 18th birthday! Journaling isn’t just for emotional support but also for remembering those special moments.

6 Remember The Days Your Baby Was Your Baby!

Carrying a baby can feel like a lifetime but once the child is born, grown up, and off to college, it’s hard to get those special nine months back. Treasuring every happy moment and milestone is important for parents, especially the mother. Reminiscing on the days leading up to the birth of a child can help keep those moments alive. Keeping a written record of every instance of the pregnancy, especially something as big as baby’s first kick, really matters. Mothers need to document every first-time instance to cherish later. Time is a luxury people don’t have and keeping a journal of the moments that matter most, can help expecting mothers remember the early days.

5 Watching Ourselves Grow Into Motherhood

When it comes to losing track of the years spent rearing a child and giving birth to them, no mother ever forgets those moments. Becoming a mother is a long and complicated journey, but that doesn’t mean the reward at the end isn’t sweeter.

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By keeping a pregnancy journal, mothers can look back months from the time they were pregnant to now and reflect on the experience. Being pregnant can bring a massive change in our lives, shifting perspective to the value and importance of life. No matter what any woman says, they aren’t born into motherhood overnight. Women have to grow into the role and with that, comes new responsibilities, challenges, and even a whole new person. Sometimes that can be a better and stronger version than our old selves.

4 Setting Goals

True, motherhood can change our perspective of the world and what our values are in life. With all the changes going on, it can be easy to get lost in the stresses of pregnancy. Having a baby on board is important, of course, but mothers should also remember to take care of their needs as well. Taking our minds off being pregnant can give us a break and allow us to focus on other aspects of our lives that matter, too. Maybe a mother wants to complete a full two mile walk around the track under half an hour, eat healthier foods, or make it through the third trimester without having a meltdown. These are reachable goals mothers-to-be set for themselves to meet. Having achievements can brighten anyone’s day, especially a pregnant woman.

3 Write Down Dreams And Fears

Writing down and meeting goals not only brightens our day, it also inspires dreams. Carrying a child for almost a year isn’t just all work and no play. Mothers-to-be can get very creative with their child’s life, even from the time before they’re born. It’s nice to dream about what a child will be like at 5 or how their first Christmas will go.

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Though it is important to jot down ideas for a child’s future, it’s also important to write down our deepest fears. Imagining our future child’s life is easy but the moments leading up that can be scary. The major concern mothers have is going into labor. What if something goes wrong? What if motherhood just isn’t for us? Luckily, it’s normal for any expecting mothers to have these concerns.

2 Referencing Previous Pregnancies

Caring for a baby can make a mother very aware and alert to her surroundings, especially for women who have given birth before. Women who’ve been pregnant more than once know what to expect the next time around, even more so through the documentation of previous pregnancies. This information can help with preparing for future births. It’s great to keep a record of everything that happened during both first and subsequent pregnancies as mothers can use their journals as a reference for what to do when they encounter a problem. Journaling can even prepare moms for new issues as well. Make sure to document everything that happened from the last pregnancy to be ready for the next time.

1 Figuring Out A Name

With all the preparations and duties that come with being pregnant, it’s no wonder that expecting mothers sometimes forget the most important detail of any pregnancy; picking out a name for our baby. It can be daunting when mothers realize that they have yet to choose a name for their baby, even more so when leading up to the moment they’re due to arrive. It doesn’t give the mother-to-be any winning points in the preparedness department but no mother-to-be is ever perfect. When her life starts getting really tough, especially in third trimester, it’s a good idea to jot down future baby name ideas before the big moment. Even compiling a list of names with a partner or spouse can make journaling more exciting.

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