As A Mom My Problems Are Always Ignored & I Feel Invisible

The other day I felt a lot of tooth pain and I went into the dentist. While I was getting my tooth looked at my jaw started acting up. I have had issues with TMJ for a while now and whenever I have to keep my jaw open for a long period of time it hurts really bad for a few days. I was taking Naproxen and it wasn't helping. I went into the dentist today for a routine cleaning and my jaw was on fire. The cleaning didn't hurt but my jaw was killing me and my eyes were welling up in tears. After my cleaning, the hygienist said that I really should get pain medication before I go to the dentist and then she said that my dentist couldn't prescribe the medication and I would have to contact my medical doctor. I contacted my medical doctor and she said that my dentist should have prescribed me something. I told my doctor that my dentist didn't. My doctor responded by telling me that I shouldn't go to the dentist if my jaw is hurting. So, instead of prescribing just one or two pain medications for when I go to the dentist, she suggests I just never go to the dentist. I felt invisible and I didn't feel like anybody cared. I am sitting here in massive amounts of pain and nobody blinks an eye. And that was how it is to be a mother.

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Meraki Lane

As a mother, I feel invisible all the time. If my kid has an ear infection and cries for hours people feel so sorry for my son because of the pain that he was in but they don't think about how tired I am after listening to a baby cry! I come last in everything. The invisibility started when I became pregnant. People only wanted to hear about the baby and would roll their eyes when I would explain my struggles being pregnant. When I delivered my child people would ask how my baby was doing and if the baby needed anything. People would offer to hold my baby while I cleaned. My health always comes last, I always eat last, people sometimes even give us birthday presents that are supposed to be used on the kids. I do love my children and I feel like they should come first. It is hard though to often feel invisible.

When the doctors completely ignored my tooth and jaw pain I felt like that is how it is every single day. I am ignored because I am a stay-at-home mother. As I was crying in pain and realizing I wasn't going to get any help I wondered, if I was important would I get better service? If I wasn't just a stay at home mother would they care more? If my husband was dealing with this type of pain would people help him out? All of these questions are flooding through my mind and I can't stop thinking about how insignificant I feel. Sometimes I feel like nobody cares about the physical, emotional and mental pain that moms go through. They just push it off as women being dramatic and that just really sucks!


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