Mom Forced To Quit Her Job After Her 3-Year Old ‘Expelled’ From Daycare For Swearing

One mother says she had no choice but to quit her job after her 3-year old daughter was expelled from daycare for using inappropriate language.

Mother Joanne has made headlines after appearing on Britain’s Naughtiest Nursery to discuss her 3-year old daughter Lottie, The Sun reports. During her episode, the frustrated mother explained she was previously asked to remove her toddler from the daycare when they found it too difficult to handle her rambunctious behaviour. Joanne asked the show’s child psychologist Laverne Antrobus to help her and her family.

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“I was getting called to pick Lottie up maybe once, twice, three times a week,” Joanne explained to the camera. Evidently, her daughter is so poorly behaved that the child can’t be unsupervised, even for a minute. “She was a danger to herself and a danger to others. I don't get a minute, I need eyes all around her,” the mother continued.

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Joanne went on to explain that little Lottie doesn’t respond to punishments. Rather, it seems to make her only act out more. “She doesn't care about consequences, you can take her away from the situation, and she'll just go back and do exactly the same thing,” she continued.

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The mom explained that Lottie likes to climb on furniture, cross the road without looking, and swear at anyone and everyone. “I say the f-word a lot,” Lottie told the camera.

Joanne added, “She’ll mouth it to me, she’ll pretend to count, and stick her fingers up. She knows exactly what she’s doing. When you’ve got a child who doesn’t listen, you think ‘what have I done wrong?’”

Now that Lottie’s daycare is refusing to have her back, Joanne said she was forced to quit her job in order to care for her daughter. From the sounds of it, Joanne is unsure if she can keep doing this.“It’s hard. Because when he [husband] comes home from work I’m stressed. I’m exhausted with it all,” the upset mother said. “I’m worried she’s going to hurt herself one day.”

via the sun

Psychologist Laverne Antrobus observed that Lottie appears to like the reaction her behaviour gets from people. “Lottie enjoys quite a thrill from climbing and exploring in this way, but she also enjoys the reaction that adults give her,” she explained. Laverne added that Joanne needs to provide her daughter with a safe environment in order to explore and experiment.

What do you think about this situation, Baby Gaga readers? Would you give up your job to watch your unruly child 24/7?

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