Mom Raises Awareness For Diabetic Ketoacidosis After The Passing Of Her 9-Year-Old Daughter

A mother is raising awareness about diabetic ketoacidosis after the unexpected passing of her 9-year-old daughter.

Courtney McCracken of Grimsby, located in the United Kingdom, passed away in bed after feeling unwell. The nine-year-old was very excited prior to her illness, as her mom was just about to give birth to her new baby sister.

Courtney went to lay down, according to her mother, and never woke up again.

Via The Grimsby Telegraph

Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when the ketones are produced very rapidly, building up in the bloodstream and urine. The over-production of ketones becomes toxic and the blood turns acidic.

This young girl's mom, Lisa McCracken, is fighting to make sure that other parents out there know that this condition exists. In some situations, diabetic ketoacidosis is the first sign of diabetes-- a signal to those who have not been diagnosed yet. But it can occur in previously diagnosed diabetics, as well.

Lisa McCracken, a single mother, is understandably heartbroken. Just days after burying her eldest child, she welcomed a new baby girl into the world. McCracken, 26, described the conflicting emotions of saying goodbye to one of her babies, and hello to another just days afterward.

Via the Grimsby Telegraph

The baby's name was supposed to be Hope but after the passing of Courtney, Lisa decided to go with the name that her eldest had picked out: Evelyn.

McCracken says that she will get all of her children (four total including baby Evelyn) tested for diabetic ketoacidosis. Early detection of this condition can help to prevent the tragic loss of life like the one that this family suffered.

Lisa McCracken is taking the death of her daughter in stride; she is using her grief and her anguish to inform others of diabetic ketoacidosis. Her daughter, Courtney, will be remembered as a loving big sister, and this young mother hopes that she can save the lives of others by bringing awareness to other parents.

Our thoughts are with the McCracken family.


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