This Mom Reveals How Her Toddler Almost Died From Drinking Too Much Milk

After her 2-year old almost died from drinking too much milk, a Canadian mother is using her family’s scary experience to warn other parents.

Anastacia Gencarelli, who lives in Ontario, Canada, revealed on Facebook that her daughter Mia had a near-death experience after developing “milk anemia.” The child allegedly drank 4 to 6 bottles of milk within 24-hours. However, Mia began developing odd symptoms, causing her mother to worry. As she the toddler was “lethargic, sleepy, not wanting to eat,” Gencarelli wrote, she rushed her daughter to the doctor’s.

The family’s doctor quickly diagnosed the child with an ear and chest infection, which they said could be treated with antibiotics. After a week, however, the medication didn’t appear to be working. Gencarelli took Mia to the doctor’s one more time, even though they didn’t think anything was seriously wrong with her. However, the mom-of-two said she listened to her “mom instinct” and ended up taking her daughter to the hospital.

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“So I am cuddling her on the couch and my mom instinct won’t stop -- look at hubby tell him get the car ready pack a bag lets go -- off to emerg we go,” Gencarelli, who also shares 6-year old son Sawyer with her husband, Mario Gencarelli, explained, The Sun reports.

When they got to emergency, their daughter’s condition immediately caught the attention of the nurses, the mother continued. “We were not even in that waiting room 5 minutes before an amazing nurse noticed dad walking very impatiently with our limp baby,” Gencarelli said. “She comes flying out saying ‘I don’t care how long you have all been waiting that baby comes with me.’”

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Gencarelli went on to say that the doctors were very thorough with the tests they performed on the 2-year old, clearly believing the mom when she said something seemed seriously wrong. “We didn’t do triage, we didn’t register, nurse kicked people out of a room for my daughter and as we rush in 6 nurses and 2 drs follow,” Gencarelli explained. “Before I know it they are all working on my little girl attaching heart monitors, blood pressure cuffs, everything you can think.”

When the tests finally came back, they revealed the toddler was suffering from something called milk anemia, which can occur when a child drinks too much milk. “You have heard of not giving a baby too much water well don’t give them too much milk either,” Gencarelli warned fellow parents. “Cow’s milk in excess will actually strip your body of Iron - iron is what makes blood no iron no blood.”

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Mia’s condition was life threatening, and had she not arrived at the hospital when she had, her parents believe it could have been fatal. “She almost lost her life,” the concerned mom said, noting her little one still has a long road ahead of her. “She is still not safe yet. She will need to be on iron for the foreseeable future, she will not be allowed more than 2 bottles or 8 oz portions of milk a day.”

Gencarelli admits she never knew milk anemia was a possibility until it happened to her child. She encourages parents to listen to their gut when it comes to their child’s health. “This is something that happens so gradually you do not know til it is almost too late,” She explained. “This is something 90% of the average person didn’t know about and something only really paediatric dr/nurses have heard and dealt with.

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