Mom Roasts Teacher Who Won’t Let Her Daughter Have Juice At Lunch Because It’s ‘Unhealthy’

A mother wrote a scathing letter to her daughter’s teacher after the child was banned from bringing fruit juice in her lunch because it’s too unhealthy.

The mother, who hails from Sydney, Australia shared her experience in a Facebook group, The Sun reports. She explained that her daughter had her juice box (specifically an Apple Raspberry Cordial) taken away during lunch recently because it wasn’t healthy enough. But the mom defended her choice in drinking, saying it also contained electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

She further argued that, regardless of what the drink container was filled with, the teacher had no right to take it away from her child. "The point is the teachers should stick to their curriculum and what they were taught in uni, and let me do the parenting,” she wrote.

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The frustrated mom also included a photo of the handwritten note she’d addressed to her teacher. She said she would send it along with her daughter in tomorrow’s lunch box.

"Unless you are going to ‘pay’ $$$ for my child’s packed lunch and supply her with a drink, then please keep your opinions to yourself and stop telling my child what she can or can’t have in her lunch box!” the note read. "Thanks, kind regards, the child's MOTHER!!!"

The comments appeared divided on the mother’s post. On one hand, many parents agreed that the teacher had overstepped their bounds. One person shared that they’d had a similar experience."I hear you. On top of what you're saying, we also had a teacher force our daughter to eat a banana that wasn't as ripe as it seemed,” the mom wrote. "I lost […] [it] at the teacher and told her to NEVER force my daughter to eat anything, ever again. Stick to educating in the classroom."

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But there were also some people who felt its part of a teacher’s job to ensure kids learn about healthy eating habits. They also criticized the mom’s scathing letter and said that it's not an efficient way to solve the issue. "It's stressful raising kids and being a mum. This note though, makes you look like a jerk,” one Facebook user commented. Another wrote, "How about if you have a problem you go talk to your teacher's child like an adult."

What do you think about this lunchroom controversy? Was the mom in the right with her handwritten note? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, BabyGaga readers!

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