Mom Is Looking For New Home With 3 Kids After Roommate Brings Home New Boyfriend

One mom is looking for a new home after her roommate brought home a new boyfriend with a criminal record.

In the Reddit group r/AmITheA**Hole — where users read a Redditor's story and decide who is in the wrong — u/Feloninmyhouseta says she's lived with her roommate for about a year with her three-year-old son and two daughters, ages four and five respectively. Before they decided to live together, the original poster made sure to vet her potential living-mate by asking if she brought home new men frequently and if she did any drugs. The unnamed roommate told her she didn't and she kept her word. The two got along really well, and her children who get along with the son, but she does not disclose their ages or gender.

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According to u/Feloninmyhouseta, however, they got along well until the roommate brought her new boyfriend home. Apparently, he's on parole following an incident with his mother which resulted in break and enter and grand theft auto charges. Apparently, he seems to be good to the roommate, and he hasn't caused much trouble, but his past has the mother concerned about her and her children's safety.

"When he was gone I told her I was not comfortable with her bringing this man around my son and tried to gently ask her what the f*ck she was thinking bringing a felon around her daughters," writes the mom. "She accused me of being stuck up and judgemental."

Now, whenever he's over, u/Feloninmyhouseta either takes her children out, or her family spends time in their room watching Netflix. Instead of keeping up with this routine, she's decided to look for a new residence. She says she'd be a little less worried if the new man wasn't fresh out of jail, but considering the recency of his release, she's a little uneasy.

For what it's worth, the group voted and decided she's not the a-hole in this situation. They say that, while the roommate's decision to date a man with a criminal background isn't necessarily wrong — it's her life, after all — the concerned mother's focus on her children's safety is more than justified. With that said, one user did point out that dictating a roommate's love life is a little extreme, and an odd rule to make, even with children. Still, moving is the best course of action with this decision.


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