Breastfeeding Mom Runs NYC Marathon While Pumping (As If Moms Couldn't Get Any Cooler!)

In one of the coolest things we’ve seen this year, a new mom ran that New York City marathon while pumping dozens of ounces of breast milk. Seriously!

27-year old Molly Waitz, from Cutchogue, New York, ran the entire 26.2 miles while pumping breastmilk in a feat that she admits impressed even herself, Café Mom reports. Waitz decided to run the famous marathon for the first time earlier this year. She signed up to become a team-of-five raising money for First Candle, a charitable organization that raises funds to support research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs) and other sleep-related infant deaths.

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However, Waitz gave birth only one moth prior to sign up for the marathon, which didn’t leave her much time to recuperate and train. The new mom admits she wasn’t really thinking about that when she initially signed up for the race. “I was one-month postpartum and so sleep deprived," she explained. "I don’t know what I was thinking." Waitz often brought her newborn son to training, even pushing him in a stroller during his run.

Waitz’s son was 8-months old by the time the marathon rolled around. But since she was still breastfeeding, she needed to figure out a way to pump while running, since the marathon often takes six hours to complete. Initially, she thought she’d have to take a series of breaks during the race, like stopping to pump on the side of the road and then tossing her milk into trash cans while she ran. However, she thought of a more practical (and ingenious!) solution.

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First Candle was able to put Waitz in contact with Willow, a San Francisco company that developed the Willow pump, which allows breastfeeding moms to pump on the go. Willow sent the mother one of their pumps and she was able to train with it prior to the race. The pump allowed Waitz to pump up to 20 ounces of milk, which she then stored in her fanny pack. “I don’t have to stop physically moving my body to do all this," she explained.

Waitz hopes her example inspires other moms to chase their goals, regardless if they are breastfeeding or busy raising kids. "The one thing I hope to come from this is people achieving their dreams and goals no matter how big or small," she wrote on her Facebook page following the race. "If you can dream it ... you can do it!"

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