Mother Uses CPR To Save The Life Of A Newborn Triplet While Still Giving Birth

One mom had to give CPR to one of her newborn triplets to save the baby's life while giving birth to the other two.

Giving birth to triplets can be scary and daunting under the best circumstances but the experience Danielle Johnston is unbelievable, yet oh so inspiring. The Saskatchewan mother of seven was only 32 weeks pregnant when she went into early labor with her triplets.

On July 16th, she was at home when sharp pains overtook her body. Danielle immediately had her 15-year-old son Dillon call an ambulance. However, her pain got worse as the ambulance was on its way and her urge to push was more than she could handle. A few seconds later her baby girl was born, but the little one was not breathing.

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Dillon helped his mom to the couch, where she began CPR on her daughter, while still suffering from severe labor contractions. Concerned for her baby's life, Danielle had her son drive them to meet the ambulance. The whole time she continued to give the little girl CPR.

Danielle and baby Karlee were transported to the nearest hospital. However, the remaining two babies were breech. So Danielle was rushed to a different hospital where her two sons, Jack and Liam, were born via C-section. The boys were born after midnight, which means the triplets have separate birthdays, another exciting element to add to this already crazy story.

Trevor Johnston, Danielle's husband, told Huffington Post that all three babies are still in the neonatal intensive care unit. They continue to grow each day and have recently started breathing on their own. Doctors are hopeful the babies feeding tubes will be removed any day. The family feels blessed the experienced turned out to have a happy ending.

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This mom is being labeled a hero after saving her newborn daughters life, while in labor with her two sons. However, Danielle insists it was all natural mother instinct. It was not the first time her motherly instinct has kicked in. Eight years ago her daughter Kate was buried in the sand after a dune collapsed, Trevor and Danielle uncovered the then 10-month-old, and Danielle immediately administered CPR. It worked, and Kate is now a thriving 9-year-old.

Danielle, you are one inspiring woman!


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