Snooki Experiences Mom-Shaming For Pushing Her Kids In A Stroller At Disneyland

Snooki takes her kids to Disneyland and gets mom shamed for pushing her children in strollers.

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Disneyland has started to create more and more rules for their guests. There have been some obvious rules that they have made in the past such as rules that forbid vapping and cigarettes on the Disneyland property. Of course this rule makes sense, because of health concerns. Disneyland also banned "selfie sticks" because they started turning into a safety concern. People were not paying attention when they were taking pictures and "selfie sticks" were causing accidents. One more rule has come out that has sparked some conflict and might be the reason for fans to start mom-shaming Snooki. Disneyland has started to put guidelines on the size of the stroller that parents are bringing into the park. Some parents bring strollers that are too large and then they take up walking space for other guests.

Snooki brought her two children to Disneyland and snapped a picture of them in strollers. She thought it was an innocent picture depicting her lovely time at the "Happiest Place on Earth." The simple picture brought a lot of shaming. Many of her fans and followers started making fun of her for having a stroller in the park and they should just be walking around like other children. Her fans mom-shamed her for walking around the theme park while pushing them in strollers.


Snooki was surprised that her fans could shame her for a picture she thought was completely innocent and normal, but people can find hate in almost anything.  Some of her fans started saying things like, "if my kid is above 2 they are walking." Another follower said, "I would never have a stroller that big." One follower even commented about how "she's the reason the stroller guidelines should be enforced" Snooki was appalled and decided to clapped back at her haters “They walk! But in large crowds I prefer they sit their a—s down. Save me the stress of not losing my offspring,” Snooki didn't want to have her children run through the crowds and get lost and so she wanted to keep them safe. How dare she!

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Parents are always quick to make fun of other parents! Why don't people just mind their own business and do their thing? How does Snooki bringing her children to Disneyland in a stroller impact your life at all? Celebrities often get the harshest judgments, because they are always in the spotlight. Ignore the haters Snooki! You do you girl! We hope you had a great day at Disneyland!

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