Mom Shares Tragic Experience Of Her Baby Dying Of Dehydration

This mom has shared the tragic story of the passing of her newborn baby in the hope that it will act as a warning to other parents.

A lot of decisions need to be made in the months before becoming a parent and then once the baby arrives. Decisions most of us probably don't feel ready to make at the time. One of the decisions that seems to carry the most judgment is how a mom decides to feed her newborn baby. Whether she will breastfeed or use formula and a bottle.

There are a number of circles that judge parents who decide to bottlefeed instead of breastfeeding. There are instances where moms literally can't breastfeed since they are unable to produce milk, such as after a breast augmentation. Ultimately, it is a decision for the mom to make with advice from her doctors and other medical professionals.


Mom Jillian Johnson chose to breastfeed her son Landon but is now left wishing she had also used a bottle. Jillian recently told Parents.com the heartbreaking story of her newborn baby dying of dehydration. The tragedy took place five years ago but Jillian has been suffering so much during that time she has been unable to tell her story. She also feared being judged by other moms.

Jillian breastfed little Landon from day one but did not know he wasn't getting any milk. She would spend as many as nine hours a day nursing her son but was told by doctors that Landon was just cluster feeding, which is entirely normal that early on. Less than 12 hours after Jillian and her husband took Landon home, he went into cardiac arrest. After a few days on life support, Landon sadly passed away.

While Landon was on life support, NICU doctors told Jillian that the best thing to do with a new baby is to follow up breastfeeding with a bottle. That way, you know for sure whether they have had enough. Tragically, that advice came too little too late. We must emphasize that this is an extremely rare and unique case and by no means should you not breastfeed based on this alone. Jillian just hopes that by speaking out, she can prevent it from happening to anyone else.


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