Mom Shouldn't Stress If She Doesn't Have These 20 Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is arguably one of the most interesting times in a woman's life, as it literally changes every aspect of it. There are times where it can be amazing (who doesn't love hosting or attending unique and awesome baby showers?), and there are times when finding words to describe a particular pregnancy-related thing is difficult because it is such a wonderful thing to go through.

Some examples of moments like this are the first-time mothers and fathers-to-be hear their little one's heartbeat, feel his or her first movements in the womb, or when they learn the gender (if they choose to do so before the child is born). These are all moments of indescribable beauty, and it is hard to know what they are like if one has not been through it.

However, almost as much as it is enjoyable, forming another human life inside of the womb is (sometimes) not all it is cracked up to be. Throughout history, there have been many accounts of certain things that seem to go right along with pregnancy, such as tons of sickness, a foggy brain (also known as "pregnancy brain"), and back pain.

In fact, there is so much talk of symptoms like these that some women who do not have these symptoms during pregnancy might worry that there is an issue with them or their unborn child. But, lacking some of the usual signs of pregnancy is not always a sign of danger.

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20 Sore Chest, just like from periods

A frequent sign that a woman is pregnant may be that she is experiencing a sore chest, whether it be both of the girls or just certain spots on them. But, this can be a very confusing sign of pregnancy, as it can also happen before, during, and after a woman has her period.

However, it is imperative that one remember not all pregnancies are the same. What one person experiences may not be the same as the next person, and being pregnant is no exception to that. Some women have a tender chest in the early stages of pregnancy, while others may not have it till later. But then again, some just completely skip the sore chest altogether!

19 Fatigue: something any mom can do without

Being a woman who is with child is pretty awesome, but it can be very tiring. In fact, a fairly common and often discussed sign of early pregnancy is the extra sleepiness and sluggishness that the mother-to-be may suddenly find herself feeling. Sometimes this occurs before some women even find out they are expecting! So, when a pregnant woman does not find herself nodding off a little more, or sleeping in a bit in the day, she might begin to worry that something is amiss.

However, just because one is not needing extra sleep at the moment does not necessarily indicate a problem. Fatigue is not a symptom of only healthy pregnancies, just as the lack of fatigue does not mean anything either.

18 Spotting: just because it's not there, doesn't mean implantation didn't happen

Some of the symptoms of being pregnant are enjoyable. Additionally, many of the others that are less enjoyable are little things that are relatively easy to deal with. But, that does not mean there are not any symptoms that are less than fun, to say the least, when there is a baby girl or boy on the way.

Spotting, or "implantation bleeding," as some call it, is one of the scariest signs of pregnancy. But it is also fairly common, so when it does not happen, some women may not think they are pregnant. Also, they may believe something is wrong with a pregnancy they already knew about or were anticipating, and didn't see any spotting despite the fact that they might have been told to expect it. Not bleeding during pregnancy is usually nothing to worry about.

17 Cramps: super common to have a pain-free pregnancy

It is pretty much universally expected that one who is pregnant will suffer some form of pain every now and again until the little boy or girl is born. This is not always a bad thing. Just think about how much our bodies are doing during that time!

Not only are we making room for another person inside of our own body, but suddenly our bodies do not need to serve only our needs, but also that of an additional human being who is more sensitive to many things than we are.

So, when a mother-to-be has not felt much, if any, pain during her pregnancy, she may wonder why. Well, the good news is it is perfectly normal. Many women find that they do not have cramps till late into the pregnancy, and some even compare them to things as little as gas pain, while others may not notice anything at all.

16  Morning Sickness: not having it means nothing


We have all seen the movies and television shows that often let us know a woman is pregnant when it shows the female character racing to the bathroom or another private area to throw up. This does not always mean a person is pregnant (some people are very prone to digestive issues for other reasons), but it seems to be one of the most telltale signs, as it is very common for some ladies to toss their cookies a time or two before their babies are born.

Contrary to popular belief, however, lack of morning sickness does not mean anything bad. It just means the mother is not feeling sick. The pregnancy in this scenario can still be perfectly healthy.

15 Darker Skin on Chest and elsewhere

Let's face it, having a kid not only changes every part of our lives, but it also changes our bodies forever as well. That is not to say the changes are bad, but rather pregnancy is an amazing, interesting, and life-changing point in a woman's life.

One of the many strange changes our bodies make to accommodate this new little life, for some women, includes a change in coloration on certain areas of her chest. In many cases, an expectant mother will see an increase in the size of her girls, as well as a darkening of the color. Also, sometimes pregnancy can change skin color elsewhere, such as some areas on the stomach.

But, as numerous ladies have pointed out, sometimes there is no noticeable change at all. This can make some women worry, but this alone is not something to stress out over.

14 Bloating is a good one to miss out on

One thing that is pretty common to see in the journey of pregnancy is that the expectant mother may bloat, and even gain some weight (which is normal). Bloating is just one of the many symptoms that a pregnant woman may go through before her baby is born, and sometimes the bloat may make it seem like the mommy-to-be is already "showing."

However, the bloat will go away eventually. It seems to come at different points of pregnancy for some people, and not at all for others. Clearly actress Gal Gadot did not have much of a problem with this when she filmed Wonder Woman while she was 5 months pregnant!

13 Frequently going #1 is not that common

Another sign of pregnancy that is portrayed a lot in fictional television shows and movies is an increase in urination. Running to the bathroom during pregnancy is not just for those who suffer morning sickness, but also the ladies who are feeling more pressure on their bladders.

This happens for a couple of reasons. For one, it is related to the change in the body’s hormones. Secondly, as the baby grows, there is more pressure on the bladder and therefore creates the urge of having to visit the restroom.

But, this does not seem to be as big a pregnancy symptom as some might believe, which is part of why some women do not find out about their pregnancy right away. Many ladies can go quite awhile without noticing an increase in their bathroom trips.

12 Food Cravings and Aversions

One of the most interesting symptoms that comes along with pregnancy is the cravings the mother may or may not get. In addition to craving things she never cared for before, the mother-to-be may also suddenly loathe foods and drinks she once would have never been able to turn down.

According to some old wives tales, craving certain things (or not craving them) can be a sign of the baby's gender. But, that theory is rather questionable these days, as there are sometimes pregnant women who do not crave anything odd at all, and do not stop enjoying their usual foods and drinks! So, it is important for women to know a craving or lack thereof is not a big deal.

11 Feeling Plugged Up

Some of the stuff that happens when a woman is expecting a baby boy or a baby girl is very pleasant. Knowing that our bodies are capable of such incredible events as pregnancy and childbirth is certainly outstanding!

But on the other hand, there are some pretty gross moments as well, though they are always totally worth it in the end. One of the types of gross things I am referring to is constipation, which many pregnant women will suffer from at one point or another.

But, if you are not having constipation, that is no reason to worry! Often times our bodies will react differently than others to hormonal changes. Some are constipated, some have diarrhea, and some do not go through either scenario.

10 Gas Can be avoided on the menu

Let's get real and just admit that, at times, being pregnant can involve some highly embarrassing moments. Some examples of embarrassing things that can happen during this time are being extremely forgetful, and not making it to the bathroom in time. But, there is another part of being pregnant that tends to rear its' ugly head at the most awkward times: gas.

Becoming extra gassy while one is pregnant is not only due to the change in her hormones, but also the fact that food can suddenly start having a different affect on your body than it used to before you were with child.

But if you're pregnant and not extra gassy, don't worry. It doesn't happen to everyone, and that is particularly true with very active women who watch their diets and drink plenty of water.

9 Mood Swings are all about hormones

Another sign that a woman might be pregnant is if she notices odd mood swings. A pregnant woman's mood can swing from one extreme to another quite easily, it seems, and this is quite understandable. Not only is she experiencing wildly raging hormonal changes, but she is also (most likely) going through some changes in her body that may not be putting her in the best mood. Also, the worries about parenting in general can bring a person's mood down.

However, it is also totally fine if a mommy-to-be does not experience this, or at least does not have it occur till later into the pregnancy. This does not mean anything is wrong with the baby or the mommy.

8 Missed Period: some pregnant moms keep having periods

There are many things that are very normal to experience while one is pregnant, but perhaps one of the most common things many expectant mothers experience is the lack of menstrual bleeding. Many ladies only discover they are pregnant once their monthly visitors take a break from showing up. Some bleeding may occur during pregnancy, but it is most likely spotting due to changing hormones and growth of the baby.

But, one must remember and acknowledge that this does not mean all women stop having their periods when they are expecting. There are quite a few occasions, it seems, when women did not know they were pregnant because their periods continued.

7 Shortness of Breath: a lesser-known symptom that's less common

Some of the things that happen during a woman's pregnancy are discussed to a great extent. There are many educational books, films, and television shows that can inform ladies on what they should expect whilst carrying their unborn children. This is very helpful knowledge for anyone, but especially expectant parents who do not know what to expect.

Shortness of breath, however, is not one of the widely discussed symptoms. It is normal, to some extent. But if a mother-to-be is not experiencing this, that is not a reason to worry.

6 Back Pain can be avoided

Many women report having a lot of pain during pregnancy, and it is not always an abnormal thing to have, as the body is constantly growing and stretching to make a home for the new little resident. Depending on whether a woman is in her first, second, or third trimester, these pains can range from mild to severe (looking at you, sciatica), but in any case they are pretty normal and common.

One common pain many pregnant ladies talk about is back pain. But, not everyone will have it. This is increasingly true for women who regularly lift properly, sleep on their sides with knees bent, and practice good posture, among other things.

5 Dizziness

Many of these pregnancy related symptoms can be quite common, but that does not mean they will not cause the future mother to worry about the health of her baby, as well as herself. One that is not an uncommon thing to experience is feeling dizzy, and even fainting, as scary as that may sound.

Those who go through will almost certainly wonder what causes it. Dizziness during pregnancy can be caused by a number of things, including but not limited to rising hormones. However, it is also not totally uncommon to not experience dizziness, especially if the expectant mother is getting a decent amount of downtime.

4 Positive Home Pregnancy Test: sometimes there are false negatives

This may not necessarily be considered a pregnancy "symptom," as those usually have something to do with how your body is looking or feeling, or both. But, a sign of being pregnant, is, of course, getting a positive result on a home pregnancy test.

Often times, this is the second clue a woman is pregnant, with the first usually being a missed period. There are always so many to choose from, and the decision can be quite difficult when many of them advertise that they are 99% reliable after the first day of a woman's missed period. But, it is important to note that these can be wrong, especially if used incorrectly.

Receiving negative results while pregnant can happen. The user may have ovulated later than she thought, used the test incorrectly, or the test itself could be a faulty one. Also, there are some medications that may interfere with the results.

3 Leg and Joint Pain

Some of the other pains that are related to pregnancy and the growth of the unborn child are located in the woman's legs and her other joints. This is totally common and normal, as everything is growing and changing. This type of thing is also commonly referred to as "round ligament pain" and "growing pains."

However, something that a lot of women may not know is that feeling these pains will not be a constant throughout pregnancy. There are points during which the mother will get a break in feeling these things, and it may be worrisome. But, usually it is not serious, as symptoms tend to come and go.

2 Swelling

One of the more common things associated with being a pregnant woman is swelling. No, I am not just talking about growing a larger stomach, but rather hands, feet, and other body parts swelling up. This seems to be a pretty normal thing to experience, unpleasant as it may be.

There some cases, however, where this either did not occur or it did and was easily manageable. Some tips for keeping swelling down or avoiding it altogether while pregnant are keeping the salt in your diet low, getting frequent rest, having some exercise, and drinking plenty of fluids. Those who already have a very healthy lifestyle may not experience swelling, and it seems that is normal.

1 Visible Vessels

Many women who have been pregnant may have noticed a slightly unusual but not scary symptom or two while carrying their unborn children. One of these, for example, is the fact that sometimes pregnant ladies start to notice blue blood vessels they had not seen before pregnancy.

This is quite normal, and it is most noticeable in the hands, feet, and breasts. But, those who are pregnant and have not noticed this type of thing should not worry. It is not necessarily indicative of an unhealthy pregnancy.

Those with very fair skin may easily see their blood vessels. But, women with darker skin tones may not be able to notice them.

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