I'm Taking My Skincare Seriously Now That I'm A Mom

Over the last few months, I've started delving into the world of grown-up-lady skincare. I'm thirty now, so it feels like the right time to start thinking about what I could look like at forty if I keep "forgetting" to use sunscreen. Every few weeks I turn to my husband and, tugging at my skin, ask, "Do you see those wrinkles next to my eye?" He never sees what I'm seeing, and I'd like to keep it that way.


Throw out everything you knew about skincare from your childhood. I'm 90% sure the top tips recommended during my teen years involved Seabreeze astringent, Clearasil tingling face wash, and oil-free everything. Nowadays? I'm reading about my skin's oil mantel and how I need to use a cleanser that is, and I quote, "greasy".

Caroline Hirons, a skin care aficionado, has taken my skincare game to a whole new level. Now, to be fair, I'm sure there are loads of different methodologies and approaches to caring for the largest organ on your body. You won't hear me saying that there is any sort of one-size-fits-all routine that works for me and will definitely work for you, too. (If someone says that, take everything else they say with a grain of salt.)

There are a few key pieces that differentiate Caroline Hirons' approach from other skin care specialist. Of course, this is a very brief summary - I am still learning new things from her website every day. There's no possible way I could cover every facet of her advice in this article. That being said, here we go!

Double Cleansing

The elusive P50.

Caroline recommends cleansing your face with a plain washcloth morning and night. In the morning, a gentle non-foaming cleanser will suffice. But at night, to break through the makeup and grime, you need to double cleanse. The first cleanser should be something literally greasy - like the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm that Caroline uses in her demonstration of double cleansing. It melts through the makeup and strips down to just your skin. The second cleanse should be with something like a milk or gel cleanser, again with the washcloth. She advises this two-step method because it makes sure that you are cleansing skin, and not just removing the debris of makeup.


Go check out some of her product reviews!

This portion is still a bit of a mystery to me. It's very science-y - we're starting to explore the chemistry of skin and how these chemical components can treat certain conditions. Alpha Hydroxies, Beta Hydroxies, and Glycolic Acids are all good tools to have in your skincare arsenal, as they each accomplish different things. You can even alternate these acids on the daily, so you can get the best of all worlds. Generally speaking, acids are exfoliants that dissolve dead skin or cleanse pores. They can draw moisture to the skin and make it plump and firm, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Caroline Hirons has reviewed loads of different acids, and her fans swear by Paula's Choice and p50.

Nighttime Serums

This is a great line on Amazon.

This is the part of your routine Caroline recommends investing in. I actually bought a few items off of Amazon - through the Prime Samples program - and tried them out. I personally enjoy some of the beautiful face oils available - they give my skin a glow and a softness that I think makes all the other things I'm using more effective. Like the serum or oil helps everything penetrate and do that chemistry I was talking about? Just my theory - I'm no expert.

Listen, this isn't medical advice. I'm not some sort of dermatologist or skincare expert myself. I just realize the toll that hard living in my youth (ha) and no-sleep-nights as a mom are having on my skin. Yikes! I'll try to reverse the clock as much as I can, no shame in my skincare game.



Have you ever looked into Caroline Hirons' skincare routines before? What do you use on your face? When was the last time you gave yourself ten minutes to pamper yourself? Tell me more @pi3sugarpi3  

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