Mom Slammed Online After Revealing Her Six Year Old Still Uses A Pacifier

A mother shares that she lets her six-year-old use a dummy at night and it sparked controversy.

Many parents have a debate about binki or not to binki. Some parents do not believe that children should have a pacifier because they need to learn how to soothe themselves. The parents who are against binkies might also be afraid of them hurting their children's teeth. A lot of parents use binkies because babies are going to soothe by sucking on something and it is a lot easier to take away a pacifier than it is to take away a thumb. The next thing people argue about is when it is an appropriate time to give the baby a binki and when to take it away. Some parents are mortified when their child who still uses a pacifier while other parents allow their children to have one all the way up until they are four. One mother goes against the grain and says that she allows her 6-year-old child a binki and she has caused a lot of online controversies.

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The mother posts something online and does not reveal her name because she admits that she is very embarrassed by her story. She is trying to get people's opinions about her situation. She shares that her 6-year-old daughter has a dummy (pacifier) at night. The mother tries to make it sound better by stating that she only gets it at night in order for her to sleep. She asks other people, "what would you do?" The mother shares that her daughter knows that she shouldn't have one and that she would be absolutely mortified if anybody knew that she still used a pacifier. She then explains how she has tried everything and nothing seems to work. The family has tried to have the binki fairy come and take it away and they have tried to have Santa come and take it. One time they "accidentally" left it behind when they went on a vacation. The mother then said that her daughter "just gets very upset."


The mother then goes on to say that they even watched a webinar about how a woman got kids to give up their pacifiers and so they showed it to their daughter. Their daughter was very excited about it but then she went to sleep she really wanted her "dummy" and then cried for three hours for her pacifier and then in the middle of the night the mother could hear her daughter sobbing. The mother said that it was just "heartbreaking." The mother shares that she knows her daughter is way too old for the dummy but then she asks, "what is the harm in her having it?" It is apparently not affecting her teeth or her speech, so she doesn't know if she should even fight this fight.

Most people agreed that the girl was way too old for the pacifier and that the mother needed to be tougher. One commenter even said that this was just "bad parenting." Most all of the comments suggested that the mother just throw away all of the dummies so they aren't even an option anymore. It will be hard but the little girl will just have to figure out how to sleep without it. One commenter said that the mother needed to actually be firm and set some boundaries.

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