This Mom Sold Her Kids' Toys Online So She Could Buy A Home Cocktail Bar

One mom has come up with a controversial way to afford the home-bar she’s always dreamed of, but her kids aren't too pleased.

Rebecca Rushworth is a mom-of-two from the U.K. She long had her sights set on a glamorous at-home bar, which features an LED bar sign, crystal glasses, and of course, a wine rack. The bougie purchase cost approximately 700 pounds or $870 USD. In order to afford the nifty set-up, however, Rebecca had to make some sacrifices. Or, should we say her kids did.

The mom began selling some of her kids’ toys online to make more space as well as save up some money. But her kids- 5-year old Sienna and 3-year old Frankie- weren’t exactly thrilled about the idea. Rebecca ended up selling their toy café in the process and her new homemade bar currently takes up the space her the children’s toy used to.

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The 34-year old mother turned to Facebook to explain why she did what she did. "I’ve been pondering what to do with this wasted space under my stairs for some time now,” she wrote. "I’m on Pinterest daily, and these home bars kept popping up! So, it was obvious I had to make it happen," Rebecca added. She explained her kids hadn’t used their café set in a while, which is why she thought it was time to let go of it.

"I really do love it, it creates a fab talking point and gives me more reasons to drink wine. Just need some mates around now to enjoy it,” Rebecca said of the new bar in her post, clearly without regrets.

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via the sun

But since Rebecca made her original Facebook post, she admits she should’ve thought a bit harder before selling her kids’ toy, even if it hadn’t been used in a while. "The children were not best pleased, they want their shop back, but I secretly sold it. My little boy asked if it was party time again,” she explained, The Sun reports.

However, despite her kids’ disappointment, it sounds like the mom still has no qualms over the transformation. She says she even did it on a budget, which gives her an even greater sense of accomplishment. "I saved all the things really cheaply and we had old crystal glasses and bits and bobs from a while back,” she told the publication. "I just thought it looked quite trendy and quirky and when you put it all together it looks good.”

The only thing left to do? Try it out! "We haven't used it yet, but I just said to my husband we need to get testing it!" Rebecca said.

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