This Mom Spends Over $1000 Per Month On Facials & Manicures For Her 1-Year Old

Every parent knows that raising a child is expensive! But would you spend upwards of $1,000 a month your child to get facials and manicures every month?

One mother from the U.K. isn’t afraid to spend serious money when it comes to her daughters' beauty and wardrobe “needs.” Mother-of-four Hannah Skidmore claims she spends £1,000 a month so her daughters can get pampered, which is roughly $1,300 USD and $1,700 CAD.

Her three girls- 17-year old Tia, 9-year old Brooke, and 1-year old Valentina- are treated to weekly salon visits and designer shopping sprees. Her youngest has been getting pedicures since the age of 9 months. Seriously! While the ladies are at the salon, Hannah’s son, Jay, spends quality time with his father.

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via the sun

Speaking to The Sun, Hannah says that her girls are “little divas,” but insists that she’s still teaching them the value of money. She says that their lavish lifestyle teaches them to "work hard but always make time for themselves.” She explained, “I am teaching my daughters how to look after themselves and to always make sure they pay attention to their skin, hair and nails.”

Hannah added that their weekly salo visits are also an opportunity for much-need mother-daughter bonding. “We all adore our trips to the salon because it’s our time to relax, gossip and have a giggle,” she continued. “I love our girl time and there’s no harm in looking good – it has really helped my confidence grow.” She also believes their regular facials have greatly benefited her daughters’ skin. “We have facials every week and it is so good for their skin. Tia is a teenager now and she never gets spots.”

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Of their routine, she explained, "We get a facial and blow-dry weekly and our nails done every two weeks. Valentina likes to sit on my lap and watch mummy get her nails done and she gets her's filed when needed.” However, she won’t let her girls get fake nails just yet. "I draw the line at acrylics for the girls as they are too young, and I don't want their natural nails to get damaged.”

via the sun

She said that all of her girls have been getting a celebrity-style beauty treatment since they were toddlers. “Trips to the salon is all my eldest daughter Tia has ever known, she has been getting her hair done since she was two or three,” Hannah told the publication.

Ultimately, the bougie mother knows her parenting style will gain criticism, but she’s not bothered by haters. “The school mums tend to laugh when they hear about our beauty regimes, but I just joke and tell them we are fabulous,” Hannah said. “Some people may think I am spoiling them, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

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