Mom Told She Was 'Spoiling' Her Baby Because She Was Wearing Her In A Sling

A mother was wearing her daughter in a baby carrier and was told she was "spoiling her." If only that woman knew what her daughter has been through during her life.


The older generations of mothers are sometimes quick to jump at the new generation of mothers. They are sometimes our biggest critics. Many people have opinions on the way we do EVERYTHING as mothers. The way we feed them, the way we hold them, the way we discipline them, and the way we are raising them. We are constantly being told that we are creating spoiled and entitled children by the parenting tactics that we have with our children. One mother experienced this ridiculous mother shaming when she was shopping with her daughter.

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Kelly Dirkes was out on a typical shopping trip with her daughter, Kylie. She was looking around at some of the food and as she reached for something on a shelf she overheard a woman's conversation. The woman commented about "that mother carrying her baby in a sling" and then said  " she must be spoiling her." Dirkes was pretty surprised about this comment, but didn't want to wake up her daughter, so decided not to speak up.


Little did that woman know that Kylie was actually not spoiled at all! Kylie was given up as a newborn, because she had Down Syndrome. The family didn't want to keep her due to her diagnosis. Kylie spent the first 10 months of her life in an isolated crib in a poorly run orphanage. When the Dirke's family adopted Kylie they had to teach her that being held and touched was okay. She spent her entire life not being held, so she didn't even know it was safe to be held. The family is constantly trying to teach her that they are safe.

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The woman who made the comment at the store didn't know little Kylie's story. She didn't know how much she had struggled with during her short little life. She didn't know that she had Down Syndrome, and that she was recently adopted into a new family. She had no idea that her new mom is working her butt off to teach this little girl that she is loved and cared for. The woman had no idea. And THAT is why we are not supposed to say things to other mothers, because we have no idea what they are going through. Just keep your judgments to yourself.


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