This Mom Is Getting Sued For Sharing Footage Of Teachers Abusing A Special Needs Child

Adrian Wood is getting sued for sharing footage of teachers abusing a child with special needs in Berkeley County. As a mom of a kid with autism, Wood sympathizes with parents who are doing their best to raise their kids well despite their learning disabilities. What she didn’t predict, however, was that her sympathy would be turned into a million-dollar lawsuit against her.

Wood has four children, and they’re all between the ages of five and 13. First and foremost, she is a mom, and she is proud of this title. Her youngest son, Amos, has been a slow learner, and she found it difficult to hear negative opinions of him because she knows that he is a wonderful boy. Through her love for her son, Wood became an advocate for kids who are “different” because she sympathizes with families similar to her own.

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Via: Adrian Wood

Last year, she shared stories from Berkeley County, West Virginia. A fellow mom, Amber Pack, sent her child to school with a hidden recording device because she wanted to know why her daughter seemed so unhappy in school. When she listened back to the recordings, she heard three teachers abusing her daughter. Horrified and angry, Pack took the evidence to the school’s principal and informed the police. Instead of punishing the teachers, the school just let them continue working.

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Wood shared the story on her social media because Pack had nowhere else to turn to for help. If the story goes viral, perhaps authorities will succumb to public pressures and do something. Wood shared two other stories of children from that class, and she highlighted how the deputy superintendent ordered the principal to destroy the evidence. She did so because she sympathized with Pack; she could feel her pain by imagining what it would be like if it was Amos in that situation.

The three teachers are now suing her for sharing the stories. They claim that the recording is illegal in their state, but Wood asserts that West Virginia is a one-party consent state. They also claim that Wood’s actions have caused them emotional harm, so they are seeking monetary compensation from her. Despite the threats, Woods says she doesn’t regret her decision; she is a mom and she is an advocate for vulnerable kids.

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