This Mom Wants To Help Other Parents Through The Tragedy Of Miscarriage

After suffering a miscarriage, this mother wanted to help comfort others dealing with their miscarriages. She started sending care packages to help comfort struggling mamas.

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Miscarriages are more common than woman may think. The reason we don't realize how many women have suffered from miscarriages is because the subject has commonly been very taboo to speak about. Many feelings are accompanied with miscarriages and the most common emotions are "shame" and "guilt." Sometimes mom's feel like they caused their miscarriage, or that they could have done something different to prevent losing her baby. One mother said that when she became pregnant with her rainbow baby after having two miscarriages, her mother-in-law asked, "how are you going to make sure you don't miscarry this one?" People don't say this because they are trying to be insensitive, but due to the lack of education previous generations have had about miscarriages.

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Jacky Crane never knew how common miscarriages were until she suffered one herself. She said that she suffered her first miscarriage in March 2016 and began sharing her experience with other mothers. It was at this point that she started noticing that many other mothers suffered with them as well and that they are more common than we realize. People just don't like to talk about it. Jacky lost her baby at 12 weeks and she was completley shattered. She could not believe that a heartbeat that was was once there was now gone! She thought she was alone, but found out that millions of other mothers had similar experiences.


Joe Cane, Jacky's husband, said that it was very hard for him too. Although he wasn't as connected to the baby as Jacky was (which is very typical for men to feel this way) Joe felt his wife's pain. He didn't know how to comfort her. Two days after the doctors told Jacky that the baby's heartbeat had stopped, she started experiencing heavy bleeding and was brought to the hospital to be with medical professionals as her body naturally miscarried their baby.

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After Jacky went through the loss she could only think about the support she received from other's through the entire traumatic experience. She wanted to be able to give other women this type of support and help comfort them through the tragedy of a miscarriage. Jacky thought back about her experienced and remembered never letting a warm blanket leave her side and that's what gave her the idea. She start receiving donations and began creating "comfort bags" that she would give to mother's to help them cope with their miscarriage. Inside the bag is a soft blanket and many other comforting items to help mom know that they are loved and they have a support system. It is important for us to be more open miscarriages and to understand that we did nothing wrong and sometimes it just happens.

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