Mom Swears By This Super Affordable Cream For Healing Eczema In Babies

Jade Thompson, 33, claims that a £12.50 cream healed her son's bleeding and infection-prone eczema in just a few days. The new mother had taken her three-month-old son Mikey to get his vaccinations, yet a few weeks later his skin became irritated and he developed eczema on his face.

Initially, she observed dry skin on the baby's face but soon it began spreading to his arms, stomach, and back, leaving him covered in painful patches. "It's hard to say what triggered it," Thompson said. "We took him for his jabs, he then started teething and developed a chest infection all in a matter of weeks before it started. We were surprised when he developed eczema as we don't have a family history and neither my partner or I have it."

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Thompson tried treating Mikey's eczema with prescription medication, yet his condition only seemed to get worse. As the baby continued to scratch his irritated skin, it became infected. "It was really difficult. He went from having beautiful skin to itching so suddenly - we've been told that he will one day grow out of it, but it is quite stressful."

Finally, the desperate mother tried the Natural Irritable Skin Balm by Australian brand MooGoo, which retails for £12.50. She immediately noticed a difference. The balm, which is specifically designed for the symptomatic relief of eczema and dermatitis, infant eczema, mild psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis, contains among other things, aloe vera  leaf juice, chamomilla flower liquid extract and sage oil.

"Within days his skin calmed down - it was such a relief," Thompson said. "We use it along with the bubble bath and soothing cream whenever he has a flare up."

The Scottish mother, who shared her experience online, was overwhelmed by the response she received from other mothers around the world. Charlotte, a mother from London, wrote that her one-and-a-half-year-old son suffered from severe eczema and often woke up crying, covered in blood from scratching his infected wounds.

"I started to notice signs of eczema on his skin behind his knees, so we visited the doctor who prescribed a steroid cream which at first helped,” she wrote. "After a week, the eczema came back and we were given other creams. This happened several times - and I used to spend hours smothering him with various creams."

After a friend recommended the MooGoo balm, she noticed a difference within days. "My son was scratching less and his eczema seemed to be under control. I couldn't believe it," she said. She now uses the balm twice a day on her son. Now, even her daughter, who has milder eczema, is also using the balm.

The formula has also proved effective for adults. Megan Underwood, 24, from Winchester, said it was the only treatment that worked on her painful skin disorder. After trying dietary changes, prescription creams and over-the-counter remedies, she was hospitalized when her skin became too painful to manage.

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She said that after submitting a few pictures of her skin to the company, they sent her a few products to try. Immediately, her eczema cleared up and was gone. She says the treatment changed her life and her outlook. MooGoo products are available in North America on amazon.com.

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