This Mom Swears By “Wonder Cream” That Cured Her Baby’s Eczema In Days

Eczema is a common skin condition that affects 10 to 20 percent of all infants. While the majority of cases improve (and in some cases recover completely) as they age, it doesn't stop it from being a terrible, painful and frustrating condition. According to The Sun, one London-based mom searched high and low for a solution to her daughter's skin problem.

Sinead's daughter Lola started suffering from painful red patches when she was just eight weeks old. Little Lola would scratch herself raw, becoming increasingly agitated in the process. A doctor prescribed steroid creams, but nothing seemed to sooth Lola's eczema, which more often than not bled. Lola's mom, a former optician's assistant, told the British tabloid that nothing seemed to work. As it came on after the routine 8-week jabs, Sinead and her partner Andrew wondered if there was some sort of link. However, the doctors say it was simply a coincidence.

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Seeing her daughter in a constant state of unease was incredibly stressful for the young mother, who tried everything she could think of to alleviate it. Sinead tried changing the washing powder, but that didn't help either. After scouring the Internet, Lola's aunt and Sinead's sister, Aisling, discovered the Baby Kingdom Collection. The brand claimed to help eczema, so the family soon snapped it up.

Within a few days, Lola's skin had cleared considerably. Sinead was dubious to try something new at first, and so she didn't hold out much hope. Everything they had tried previously that was supposed to work hadn't- why would this be any different?

Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi believes that it's the emollients used in the products that has helped Lola's skin barrier. Aloe vera and Panthenol also have anti-inflammatory qualities which would help lessen the irritation surrounding the areas of red skin. The Baby Kingdom Collection has a host of products to choose from, including body cream, nappy cream, baby shampoo, and hair and body wash. While they're slightly more expensive than your average baby product, their glowing reviews suggest they're more than invaluable to customers.

The young company was launched onto the market in summer 2018 and prides itself on producing 97-99% natural formulas that are free from sulphates and parabens. Clearly, whatever they're doing is working for Lola and many more babies suffering from eczema.


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