Mom Who Was Told To "Cover Up" While Nursing In A School Is Sharing Her Struggle

One mother went to her child's school and she was told to cover up while she was nursing her toddler. Now, she is sharing her story and outrage.

Kelly Johnson was at Thunder Mountain Elementary School in Grand Junction, Colorado. While waiting for her child after school she sat down in the hallway of the elementary school and she needed to breastfeed her toddler. Her 18-month old daughter was very hungry and becoming fussy and so Johnson lifted up her shirt to be able to feed her child.

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An administrator at the school saw Johnson feeding her child and walked up to the mom and told her that she needed to cover up while she was feeding her child. The administrator told her that she should probably cover up, because the students would be going through the hall soon.

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Johnson was understandably very upset. She was trying to be very discreet and she didn't even think she was showing anything she shouldn't. Kelly said that she started to feel really bad about herself, because she felt like she was doing something wrong. The school districts spokesman, Charles Delano, said that she wasn't told to stop breastfeeding, but she was just asked if she could cover up. The administration even asked Kelly if she wanted a cover.  Kelly was extremely upset by the school district making her feel like she was doing something wrong. She was so disappointed in the school administration by making her feel like she shouldn't be nursing her little daughter. Women are allowed to breastfeeding anywhere in Colorado. Women are legally allowed to nurse wherever they child needs to feed.

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Women should never feel ashamed to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is an amazing and beautiful thing. Some women do not have the opportunity to breastfeed, or choose not to breastfeed. And that's totally fine, but those women who have chosen to breastfeeding should be able to do it wherever their child needs to eat. Moms don't choose when their child needs to eat and children don't like have covers on their heads while they eat. Do you like eating with a blanket on your head? Kelly should never have been asked to cover up.

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