This Expectant Mom Used Taco Bell Snacks And Combos To Track Her Baby's Growth

Calling all expectant ladies everywhere, if you have been wondering whether or not you will ever find a mommy-bff who truly feels your parenting flow, look no further. We went and found her for you. Her name is Kelsey McKain and she is witty, clever, and loves herself some Taco Bell. Can we say soulmate?

She is the unicorn of mommy besties people.

When this pregnant Kentucky resident found out that she was expecting a little bundle of joy, she, of course, wanted the entire pregnancy documented on social media. Along with her close family and friends, she pondered interesting ways to share her fetus's growth and progress throughout the nine months of gestation.  When her brother-in-law suggested that she compare her baby's size to a variety of Taco Bell menu items, Emily knew that no other food comparison would do. Her child would not be equated to an eggplant, a pineapple, or a cantaloupe, for she was destined for great things.

At thirteen weeks along, most moms will compare their growing baby to a pea pod by using popular baby trackers on the internet, but not McKain. She took to Twitter to let the world know that her precious little one was officially the size of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet (we could not love her more). At seventeen weeks pregnant, her growing gal was roughly the size of four Cinnamon Delights. When Kelsey was twenty-seven weeks along she snapped a pic of her and her bump cradling Taco Bell's Nachos Bell Grande to represent the approximate weight of her daughter-to-be. Her last update was when McKain was a mere two weeks away from her due date and at that point, her baby was about the size of a Taco Bell #4 combo meal. For those of you who aren't up to speed on your Taco Bell menu items, that would be a large soft drink, a Mexican pizza, and two tacos.

Kelsey was due on September 10th, but we have not yet heard news of her delivery. Maybe baby is hanging around a little longer to be the star of some more Taco Bell-themed pics?

Congrats Kelsey on your bundle of joy and also on your efforts at being awesome. You and the bump win the internet today!


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