Mom Under Fire After Letting 7-Year Old Daughter Go To Pool With No Bikini Top

One mom caused quite the stir when she allowed her 7-year old daughter to go to the pool without wearing a bikini top while on holiday.

The British mother shared her story anonymously on Mumsnet, explaining why she thought it was okay for her daughter to splash around in only bikini bottoms.  "She was wearing the bottom part of the bikini [and I've] been told she has to wear the top part for tomorrow,” the mom wrote.

However, it wasn’t long before a staff member came over to the family and asked them to put a top on the girl. In the end, the mother didn’t fight with the staff member and abided by their request, for the sake of her family’s holiday, at least. However, she admits she didn’t have a good feeling about the whole situation. "I think it's just weird and I'm feeling a bit upset about it,” she explained.

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The mother ended her post by asking fellow parents what they thought of the matter, and in the end, most commenters thought the mom was in the wrong for not ensuring her daughter wore a swim top.

"Why didn't you give her both parts to begin with? I think a lot of 7-year olds would be starting to get to the point of wanting to cover themselves up,” one commenter wrote.

Some people went so far as to suggest that a two-piece bikini was inappropriate for a child of that age. Rather, she should be wearing a one-piece. For instance, one person asked, "I think it's weird that your seven-year-old has a bikini at all. Why not get her a proper swimming costume?" Another person said, "Your daughter is seven - why on earth does she have a bikini?"

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However, there were some people who defended the mother and didn’t see the issue with the girl going topless. One person pointed out that it’s weird to be sexualizing kids at such a young age by suggesting they have something ‘inappropriate’ to cover up. "I would rather see a seven-year-old with just pants on than a bikini suggesting they had [breasts] to cover up in the first place," one person wrote. "I find it truly shocking that she was asked."

Another person said the mother should’ve questioned that the point of having the rule was. “I suppose it depends on why they have that rule. Did you ask them?” they wrote. They added that they don’t even think this is the biggest issues with pools and kid nowadays. “Personally, I think the most stupid rule now is that you can’t photograph your kids enjoying themselves in the blood pool. World’s gone mad.”

Do you think it was inappropriate for the 7-year old to not wear a bikini top? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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