This Mom Used A Dog Bed To Get Her Baby To Sleep On Long Haul Flight

Getting a baby to sleep on an airplane is a major challenge. But one mom’s hack may be the solution mothers everywhere have been looking for.

Australian mom Jaimie Anastas was on a flight from Sydney to Doha with her infant daughter Mila in tow. In order to make it easier for the baby to fall asleep during the long ride, the mother made some preparations beforehand. She picked up an inflatable pillow as well as an inexpensive dog bed to create a comfy abode for her baby.

Jaimie shared a photo of her baby snuggled up in the cushions on Facebook, which has since gone viral. "What do you get when you add Plane Pal (Hiding under the pillow) and a $5 Kmart pet bed to you carry on?" she captioned the post. "You get a very happy baby! Total parent win!"

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The mom had purchased the inflatable pillow- aptly called a Plane Pal- online specifically for the trip. The device allows kids to put their feet up on basically any mode of transportation, including busses, trains, and of course airplanes.

After use, it can easily be folded and put into it’s carrying bag, making it easy to transport and set-up. It comes with an easy-to-use pump and attaches directly onto the seat.

The Plane Pal was developed by another Aussie mother, Sam Cardone, who’d previously had trouble getting her kids to sleep (and quiet down) while travelling. "As a mother of three who loves travel, I wanted to create a product that would help families reduce the stress associated with travel," Sam wrote on the product’s website.

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"Technology has given us so many more ways to entertain our children while in transit, but little has been done to improve the comfort of families travelling with children,” the site’s product description continued. "Travel with kids can be very stressful! I have been that mother desperately rocking a screaming child whilst pacing the aisle.”

It added, "I have also been the mother pinned under twin sleeping toddlers for 6 hours straight, with dead legs and a desperate need to visit the bathroom. I am not sure which was worse…"

The Plane Pal sounds like a genius device to have the next time you’re taking a long trip with your kids. The product’s website warns to confirm with your airline to ensure the pillow will fit in the plane’s seats, though it’s advertised to work inn most situations. And while you’re at it, perhaps a cheap dog bed will also help, too!

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