This Mom Put A Used Pregnancy Test On Her Baby Announcement Cake & The Internet Is Grossed Out

People are constantly coming up with creative ways to announce their pregnancies. But one mother-to-be’s idea sounded probably sounded better in her head than in real life.

The Internet has been left horrified after a mother’s pregnancy announcement cake when viral for its, ahem, interesting accessory. The mother in question ordered a white and blue cake with the words ‘We’re Pregnant’ written across it to announce her happy news. But there was one thing she should’ve left out- her used pregnancy test. That’s right. The pregnant woman thought it would be a sweet touch to place the pregnancy test she peed on directly on top of the cake.

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An image of the questionable cake was posted in a Facebook cake shaming group and has since gone viral, The Sun reports. So far, the post has over 1,000 ‘likes’ and 400 comments. Most commenters couldn’t get over the fact that the woman had no problem allowing something she’s urinated on to come in contact with her food. We doubt any of the woman’s friends of family asked for a slice when they made this realization.

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"You literally [peed] on that stick, but sure, go ahead and stick it on top of the cake,” one person commented under the original post. "Dude, I don't care if you put the lid back on it... don't stick something you peed on a cake! That should not have to be said!" another shocked commenter said. One went so far as to write, "I don't even like bringing food into a bathroom let alone putting a whizz stick on the food...even if they bleached it that is still uncomfortable and not appetising in any way.”

But not everyone was quick to assume the worst. Some people pointed out that the so-called pregnancy test could be a creative cake decoration and not the actual test the mom used to confirm her good news. "Maybe the pregnancy stick is just very realistic fondant? Somehow, I doubt that though,” one person suggested. Another wrote, "A malformed fondant pregnancy test would be better."

It remains unclear who this disastrous cake belongs to or if the pregnancy test was, in fact, used. All we wish is that we could see the look on people’s faces when the pregnant couple showed them this cake. Something tells us their loved ones were probably more shocked by the questionable cake décor than the actual baby news!

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