Mom Who Threw Her Baby At A Police Officer Walks Free From Court After Sentencing

One mother will walk free from court to serve a suspended sentence for throwing her own baby at a police officer, causing the officer "life-changing" injuries.

The mother, Kirsty Bearfield (age 24), was waiting at the Hull Royal Infirmary in 2017 with her children when the incident happened. She was waiting alongside her husband and a social worker, as well as two officers who were waiting to hear back on reports of a "non-accidental injury" that her oldest child had suffered. Following the incident, social services had the child removed from Bearfield's home for one evening for the well-being of the child. The injury, however, was not deemed to be due to abuse. As the situation was explained to Bearfield, she became aggravated and threw her younger child (who weighed about 30lbs and was sitting on her knee at the time) at the officer.

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Thankfully, the officer was able to catch the baby, but the incident caused a trapped nerve in the officer's spine. She underwent surgery to correct the issue but was told that the surgery could result in the loss of use of her left arm. The surgery corrected the problem but did not resolve the officer's pain, so she underwent another surgery for a condition known as "frozen shoulder" which was caused by the baby-throwing incident.

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The condition has left her without full use of her shoulder. She is unable to dress herself or style her own hair and has had to give up many hobbies that she previously enjoyed. She can also no longer pick up her own child, making the emotional impact of the incident that much worse.

Bearfield's attorney cited her "rough start to life", having parents who were heroin addicts, and the fact that she is the only caregiver for her children in her defense. Because the incident happened two years ago and given Bearfield's defense, the judge determined that she could walk free from court. He said, "I have decided it would not be right or conscionable for something you did two years ago to immediately deprive you of your liberty."

She was sentenced to 12 months of jail time, suspended for 18 months, and needs to have up to 25 days of rehabilitation.

All featured image credit goes to Richard Addison/HullLive.

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