Mom Who Lost Her Baby To SIDS Explains Why This Meme Should Not Be Considered A "Light Joke"

A mom whose daughter passed away at just four months old explains why a meme making light of a baby possibly being dead is not in the least bit funny.

Without a doubt, one of the worst things that can happen to you in your lifetime is the loss of a child. Thankfully, it is something that a relatively low number of us will ever have to experience. It is something that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy and a day in your life that you will never forget and never really get over.

The slightest and strangest things can remind parents who have lost a child of that horrible time. What they definitely don't need is a clear reference to it on their social media newsfeed, especially one that makes light of the situation. That's why Calia Smith took to Scary Mommy recently to condemn the meme below joking about infant death that she came across on social media.


via scarymommy.com

Calia lost her daughter to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when she was just four months old. She understandably finds it hard enough to get through each day as it is, so when she was met with the above meme first thing in the morning, her day began in the worst possible way. "To me and so many other SIDS, SUIDS and SUDC parents, it’s what played out moments before we were met with the worst day of our life," Calia wrote.

What is perhaps even worse than the meme itself is the comments underneath it. We all know that people can be callous when they have the anonymity of social media to hide behind, but as Calia points out, the right to tell people when they should and should not be offended is one that nobody has. "How can you say that you can’t imagine our loss, but in the same breath, feel so entitled to determine what’s offensive to us and what’s not?" Calia went on to point out.

Perhaps the most telling point of all from Calia was the comparison to this meme and a similar one about miscarriage. Struggling to think of a time when you have come across a meme that makes light of a woman miscarrying her baby? That's because there isn't one. Joking about the possibility that your baby might be dead because you can't hear them crying is apparently fair game, but the thought of something being wrong with your unborn child because he or she isn't kicking is not. Something to think about if you are one of the few amused by the meme above.


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