Mom Wonders If She’s ‘Unreasonable’ For Giving Her Baby The Same Name As Her Friend’s Daughter

A woman goes onto Mumset to ask if she should name her daughter Lilia even though her friend just named her daughter Lillian.

One woman shares a dilemma that she is having when she is trying to figure out what to name her daughter. She shares that she hasn't figured out what to name their child but her friend recently had a daughter and she really liked the name of the little girl. Her friend named her daughter Lillian. This woman is 39 weeks pregnant and expecting to have a baby at any moment and she wants to name her daughter Lilia. She doesn't know if she should name her child something so similar to her friend's daughter.

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The woman asks Mumset if people think that she could name her daughter something so similar. She didn't think of the name Lilia until after her friend named her daughter Lillian and she was inspired by her friends choice of name. She wanted to see if she could name her daughter Lilia or if she should go back to the drawing board.


It should come at no surprise that this question sparked some debate. Many people said that she should not name her daughter something that is so similar to her friend's daughter. One commenter said, "its basically the same name." Many of the commenters said that it probably wouldn't be the best idea to steal a name her friend chose for her own daughter. Although many people told her it wouldn't be the best idea to name her daughter Lilia, there were many people who thought that it was completely reasonable for her to name her daughter Lilia. One commenter said, "she doesn't own the name!" It seemed like a lot of people just thought she should run it by her friend and see how her friend responded. It would be a pity to have a falling out between the two friends just because of the name she chose for her daughter. One commenter said, "My sister named her eldest the same male version of younger sister child. They fell out. I wouldn’t do it. It’s quite rude."


One woman pointed out that Lilia was the name of a sanitary napkin back in the 1950's and so people suggested that she should actually name her child Leela because that is much different than Lillian but then is still a really pretty alternative.

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