Moments Moms Miss: 16 Times Dads Should Take A Picture

The bond between mother and her babies are a source of relationships that no woman can say isn't timeless. It's a bond, a link, a friendship and relationship between mother and her children. It is, in the end, a connection.

However, moms normally find themselves on the opposite of the camera lens, capturing breathtaking moments between a baby and his father. There will be times on vacation or amusement parks, a treasured moment like a father teaching his son how to tie a tie or even undescribable moments where a father simply hugs his child. These moments are captured and posted on personal social media accounts for the world to see. But what about the woman behind the lens, the matriarch of the family?

Other than selfies that she, of course, had to take, there are very rarely any pictures of a mother and her child in tender moments together. The time will come when a child will grow up looking through photo albums or scroll through hundreds of files on a computer, to get a glimpse of what their childhood was like. Where is the mom? What was she doing that was so important that she couldn't be part of that embrace, or that teaching lesson between a father and a son, or a kitchen waltz between a father and his daughter? Of course, she was there, but no one ever captures moms.

Let's break the stigma. Wave the white flag on the taboo that just because dad isn't a "social media person," doesn't mean he can't freeze time for her so that she can also begin making memories in her children's lives that will be significant for both of them.

Here is a list of 15 timeless pictures that dads should pick up the camera and capture the split second of these moments.

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16 When She Held Him For The First Time

Skin to skin contact when a baby is born is not only essential but necessary, for a newborn to thrive. At the hospital, the nurses will ask if the mother would like to have skin to skin contact with her baby, once he is delivered, and naturally, most mothers will say yes.

Try to capture the smile your wife may be wearing, the tears of joy that are rolling down her cheeks, her weak fingers stroking your baby's cheeks. Dads, capture the first moment that this everlasting relationship begins forming.

Although skin to skin contact is hardly discussed, it brings on many benefits for both the mom and her baby. When a newborn is born, their heart rate will be high from the adrenaline they have just experienced from being disturbed in their sleep for the sake of being born. However, a skin to skin contact will help slow down that adrenaline, and normally, the baby's heart rhythm will sync with his mother's.

Among other extremely healthy effects of the skin to skin contact, holding your baby for the first time is also a precious moment. He may be completely asleep or may start to open his eyes and wonder what the heck just happened. He will want to see and feel his mother. And the moment they share their first eye contact together, the magical and unbreakable bond will form. At that moment, dad, that is when you should turn off the flash and the sound on your phone, and take a silent picture.

15 When She Pampers Her

There is a breath-taking moment that all little girls go through with their adoring mothers. That is when they have a mini, in-home, spa session together. Little girls across the world fall in love with spa moments with their mothers. They learn about the true powers of the term "taking time for yourself," while embracing in different colored nail polish and perfumes that they've already grown to love.

I remember as a child, I used to idolize my mother when she would ask me to pick a nail polish color. She would sit on one end of the couch and I would sit on another, my legs on top of her thighs and she would gently paint my toes. Afterward, we would sit at the kitchen table and take turns giving each other manicures. It was a moment that I always saw myself having with my own daughter.

This seems to be the case for most little girls and their mothers. According to The Stay-At-Home Mom Survival Guide, Jaimie wrote, "When my girls see the polish bottles they get ready!"

It truly is a magical moment that fathers should capture.

The day will come when a little girl will be able to afford her own manicure at the local nail salon, or will simply want to have a girls night with her gal pals, and moms will be there to supply the color, but not the application. The bond between a mother and her daughter is something that should be cherished. So dads, pick up the smartphone or antique camera, and get to snapping!

14 When She Is Talking To Her

As little girls idolize their mothers, growing up in a home with constant communication is essential for the well-being of the child. According to Psychalive.com, the communication between a mother and her daughter is an important part of a child's ability to be seen and heard. When your little girl speaks to her mother, she is confiding in her mother about her secrets, her fears, her goals, and her life altogether. This will help her in the future, as she will be able to speak freely to others as she ages.

Taking the time to put my phone down, to put my work down, or to put any worries aside for a moment, while she describes (in very long story-telling) the adventures she has gone through from the living room to the kitchen, is timeless to me.

"Even just going to the park, when your daughter is little, will be worthwhile," says Anglicare WA's Jennie Hamman from Bodyandsoul.com

I watch as my daughter grows from a toddler into a three-years-old teenager. She's exploring the world and telling me how much she knows about it. The constant communication we have shows me an insight into the type of world we live in.

13 When She Is Reading To Her

There should never be a set time for reading. While some mothers find themselves reading bedtime stories, it's an important moment in a child's life, and their development, to be read to. Reading to a child teaches them how to read, how to spell, and differentiating one word from the next. But, most importantly, reading to a child helps keep their imagination active and their brains alert. Nowadays, finding a child who does not spend hours in front of the television or mastering the art Candy Crush on a tablet, is hard to find.

We say, let kids be kids! Grab those shoes and head on out to the local library or bookstore, and crack open the books.

Children would rather spend their time bonding with their parents, hearing how their mother or father can become more than one character in the book, with different ways of expressions!

"Mornings with Liv, she has not gotten used to the time change and was up at 430 am this morning," says Angela Price

And, let's not forget to mention, that there is no greater smell than the smell of a good book. Best of all, a book that has been past down from generation to generation. So, once again dads, it's time to take a quick snippet so that your child can age knowing their parents took the time to read to them, instead of sticking them in front of screens that do it for them. Here's a helpful hint, if you had a favorite book growing up, go out and find it, buy it for your child with their names inside. This can be a way to pass down an everlasting family memorabilia.

12 When She Gives Them A Bath

Bath time is an important time for reasons beyond common knowledge: hygiene. However, bath time is also one of those moments that can be captured between a mother and her child. When a mother takes the time to sit in the bathroom while her child plays, it gives her an in-depth synopsis of what her child is dreaming of. In the bath, a child can be a pirate, he can be a wizard, or even an explorer diving into the deep blue sea. How amazing would it be a child to grow into a marine biologist, simply because he loved spending time in the bath with his rubber duckies?

And, of course, these images can always be used to get a good giggle, or when he gets his first girlfriend.

According to Fundamentallychildren.org, bath time is especially essential for children, as they find confidence in the water. First, having an array of bath toys allows them to learn about different sizes and colors, for example, bathing cups. It can help them understand how splashing can fill up toys with water, why they sink or float, and how fast water can fill a bathtub vs a shower.

Best of all, bath time helps soothe a child and gently eases them for bedtime. Bathing children in some eucalyptus or lavender bath salts and essential oils can help them relax after a funfilled day. “Parents should enjoy bath time almost as much as the children do, and a good bath time can lead to a smooth bedtime, as the children are already nice and warm and relaxed," as Dr. Amanda Gummer explains.

11 When She Is Goofing Around With Her

Being silly with a child unlocks another entire world in their tiny little eyes. For example, finding how many words begin with the letter B, guarantee you that by the 30th word, these words will no longer be a word even. However, while a child is playing and goofing around, he is also processing and retaining information, that can help him in the long run.

So, if you're one to think that playing is only about fun and games, fact check: it's not. When children play, their horizons broaden and they see the world through a different scope.

Silly time, even though it may be for a short moment, helps children find ways to get rid of their stress (yes, even children suffer from stress.) It also ensures that a child enjoys spending time with you which, in the end, effects the way they communicate with you. Everything has an effect based on something else.

"When a child enjoys your company, he or she will go to great lengths to maintain that bond." According to Greg Hood, Motherly.

Greg Hood also asks an important question, when it came to being silly with a child. He asked, "have you ever felt emotionally vulnerable or hurt when you are laughing?"And the answer is no. Now, imagine yourself in a child's shoes, he has just fallen down or experienced an unwanted disappointment. What would you do? You'd cheer him up, of course! The next time you're being playful with your child, don't let your partner tell you to "grow up," but make sure he gets to take a picture of this moment. One day, your child will look back at the family moments in an album, see you and him having a pillow fight or tickling each other until you're bent in half, and smile.

10 When She Takes Him On Wild Adventures

When it comes to traveling with children, parents often wonder if they are wasting their money. Surely a baby or toddler won't eat as much food from the free buffet, and he will not be able to do certain activities that you wished to do (which was one of the reasons you wanted to travel to that location in the first place.) And, let's not forget about the inability to have some alone time with your partner.

However, traveling with a child (or children) is important in their fundamental development. Travelling allows children to see the world, meet new people and teaches them about multilingualism. Whether you're backpacking the mountains or find yourself at a lavish resort, children get to witness, first hand, the beauties of nature and what the rest of the world has to offer. Above all, how amazing is it for children to witness different cultures? They start to process that certain things are different than what they are used to, and they get to ask the important (and repetitive) questions like, "Why are they wearing that?" "What are they saying?" "Why are they speaking like that?" "What is that they are eating?" And capturing those moments between a child and their mother, learning and exploring together, is something that will stick with them for eternity.

Of course, we don't need to tell you that you need to take pictures on vacation.

Most importantly, when children travel, they get to understand that there are children and adults that look much different than they do. They are able to better understand and accept classmates that may look or speak differently than they do.

9 When She Bakes With Her

Cooking and baking with a child gives them the education they need to be a functional adult in the future. They will be able to tackle the tasks of preparing a meal from beginning to finish. One of my favorite benefits that children have when they get in the kitchen with their moms, is that they are more inclined to try new foods if they've been able to be part of the production of the meal. If they are young, children can be essential for grabbing things out of the cupboard or fridge, which helps them understand what foods go by what name. They can also mix, pour, and if mom's brave enough, crack an egg.

My most treasured times with my daughter is in the kitchen. As a mother with a child's blog, I always have to be on my toes with new and improved recipes. And my little bean loves being able to see what kind of cookies or chicken we're making tonight. She grabs a chair and starts off with "But first, we need a recipe!"

Although cooking and baking with a child goes beyond preparing them for the future. It also builds self-confidence and improves their math and science skills. A child will have to understand how to add to an ingredient, subtract an ingredient and find the replacement, multiply and divide the recipe for the perfect portion. Above all, it teaches children to be independent and conscious that cooking and baking is an art and a science. If it's not done correctly, it can become a flop.

But, experimenting is also the reason why we love to do it in the first place, we want to know if it'll be a fail or something magical.

Last, but certainly not least, the use of their little imagination is wide. One day, they may be a famous French chef, cooking for Royals of the South Sahara, or feeding the homeless. A child's mind has no limits as to what it can see and comprehend. And, for mothers to be a part of the imagination is definitely a moment that needs to be captured.

8 When She Dances With Him

If you have multiple children, you know that it's difficult to find time for each of them to have their alone time with you. But, even though it feels like you're missing 8 arms in order to function, spending one on one time with each of them is essential. If you're like me, and you have a little one that sleeps most of the day, and a toddler that takes one nap a day, there is much of the day that can be spent with my oldest. However, it's also important to find time for the youngest child, or oldest who has gone to daycare or preschool, while you were home with the baby.

One day, the moment will come where he will not want you to pick him up, let alone dance with him (God forbid,) and you will wish these moments were captured on film - yes I said film.

According to Pareting.com, spending time with your child makes a child feel special. Kids will remember the alone time they had with you, more than the bigger and more expensive activities or toys you bought.

Lovingly pick up your baby, and twirl around the house. Teach him or her how to do the waltz, spice it up with a little salsa, show them the elegance of ballet, and embarrass them with the way you interpret the current hip-hop this new generation has to offer us.

I have always been a fan of teaching my son about being the perfect gentleman, for him to be able to respectfully find, treat and fall in love with a woman. What better way, to woo a woman, than by randomly twirling her around the house?

7 When She Matches With Them (Accidentally On Purpose)

Matching with your mini-me can be an absolutely adorable moment. Unless you take it too far, then it can be totally cliche and tacky. Thankfully, this adorable trio totally rocked their unicorn jammies and head wrapped towel. We're definitely hoping that this cute mini-me x 3 found the time to get there at home spa treatment in.

They will remember looking like fashionistas, instead of being mocked, and it will inspire their own daughters to also share at that moment together.

Today.com issued a poll, asking readers whether or not twinning with your mini is adorable or something that should stop happening with moms and daughters, and fathers and sons around the world. The result ended with 52% of readers who voted that it was adorable, and 48% of readers who think the trend should be ditched.

However, as their article shows, matching with the tiny version of yourself is completely trendy and gorgeous. Unless they're dressed without class, it's still a super genius. They also show which celebs have helped make this trend a fashion statement and a total Instagram moment.

For those that are dressed in embarrassing, home-made items of clothing that are made out of store-bought patterns, then this section may not be for you. But, if you're rocking a matching set from the mall or a cute shop you found online, then those will define your child's future from girl to woman.

6 When She Cuddles With Him

Cuddling with your baby is the most precious moment of motherhood. When a baby inserts himself into your arms, and you quietly wrap your arms around them, a sense of security overcomes them. According to Chia.org, cuddling with a child promotes a calming and relaxing moment for babies. It also helps improve a baby's sleep, boost their immune system, regulates their respiratory, lowers anxiety and stress, strengthens digestion, and comforts a child during teething, colic and getting them through their first colds.

Think about it, when your child gets a boo boo or doesn't feel his best, he will come to you, ask for a kiss, and he will want to be held in your arms. This helps him cope with the minor trauma that he sees as monumental. The moment your child feels warm or has a cough, holding them tightly in your arms and against your chest will make them instantly feel better - I said feel, not miraculously cure them, although I wish a simply cuddle would cure some of the terrible colds children get.

Dad, now is the best time to capture this tranquil moment between a mother and her baby. And then, print it out and hang it in a beautiful frame.

A baby that shares in a cuddle will see, smell and sense you enough to keep them calm, knowing you're close to them, rather than crying because you're nowhere to be found (even though you're in the bathroom for a mili-second.)

5 When She Works Out With Her

Our children are the future. So, what mom wouldn't want their little heirs to stay active and live their most beneficial and healthiest lives ever? As parents, we have to raise our children to stay healthy, have self-confidence and have a higher self-esteem level. The benefits of mom and baby to work out together, when the baby can stand and mimic her mother's actions, most important, improve their immune system. Mom and her baby are less likely to fall sick when they stay fit, as their immune system is stronger and can build stronger antibodies. Above all the medical benefits, like lowering the risk of type 2 Diabetes, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and develop pump activity for the heart, the fact you can look good and feel good, and share those feelings with your mini, is effortless.

Plus, let's not forget that you can look super adorable working out together.

No, you don't need to focus solely on yoga, as many activities can be done for mom and her baby. For example, take a dance class together, enroll into kickboxing (it's never too early to raise a warrior,) or sports like soccer, figure skating, water polo, the options are endless. You are a mother, hear you roar girl. It is an important reminder for your daughter, to look up and see the strength and grace that you portray through body conditioning and strengthening.

Dads, capture the smiles and the giggles as they topple over doing the extended puppy pose (it's a yoga thing.) Chances are your wife or partner is looking lovingly at her child, and your child is looking up to not only her adoring mother but her role model.

4 When She Falls Asleep With Him

Like cuddling, co-sleeping with your baby has many beneficial medical side effects, for you and your little one. Reducing medical diseases and illnesses, regulating body temperature, reducing stress and anxiety, co-sleeping can take on the same benefits.

I know co-sleeping is not forever. However, as a parent that co-sleeps every night with a three-year-old, and who often fall asleep cuddling the baby ( because it's so relaxing and such a sweet moment that I don't want it to end,) I highly encourage co-sleeping and cuddling with your little ones. It is a moment that can be cherished forever, in your heart and in their minds. As I mentioned before, there will be a time when your little girl or little boy will not want to be held by their mother, or hold her hand, or even hug her. Take the time, put the phone down, turn the television off, and hold each other. Fall asleep together, who cares if the laundry hasn't been done and you're running out of lady essentials? There is such a thing as Au-Natural, and it's definitely worth having to suffer through for one more longing moment with your child.

That is when, you - dad, should take out your smartphone, tablet, digital camera or even video recorded, and capture a serene moment between her and her baby. This image will be captured as a moment of love and tenderness, time will stand still and this picture will be a mother's favorite for a lifetime.

After a long day of work, or mothering and having an entire home to maintain and run (like an empire,) she may fall asleep rocking the baby, or reading a story on the couch, it happens. She's relaxed, the baby is relaxed, and their heartbeats intertwine and start beating on the same rhythm.

3 When She Consoles Him

The time comes when you're sharing a laugh with you and your baby, and all of a sudden, he trips and gets an ouchie. Or maybe, he saw something that scared him. Of course, who can forget the scene where one moment your baby's laughing and right after you blink, he's out for the count, snuggled up in bed with what sounds like a terrible ear infection.

Your child pouts his lip and balloons his chubby cheeks places himself in your arms as you wrap them carefully around him, in a way that promises you'll take care of him and keep him safe forever.

Comforting a child is a debate that has been going on for ages. Whether to leave your child to cry it out, or to console his is definitely up to the mother in question. However, I am all for the baby love. I love the fact that my children need me. I love the feeling that my boo boo kisses instantly make their pain go away. I absolutely adore making them feel safe, protected and loved by doing a simple gesture such as holding them. Above all, I love keeping them close to me as it makes time stop. It doesn't matter how much work piles up, how many emails and Facebook notifications go unanswered, how late dinner is - heck I don't even mind being late for work. There are some things in life that are more important than answering emails or materialistic items.

Life can wait for a moment to hold your child a minute longer. And, when those moments happen, take a picture of the before (when he's in her arms calming his sobs,) and after (when he's peaceful in her arms.)

2 When She Is Tucking Her In


After a long, tiring day of work, or possibly a long day with an overactive baby, it may feel like you've finally arrived at the finish line and all you want to do is put her down and run away. Stop. Take a moment to help your child fall asleep. Remember those beautiful moments when you would rock her tiny newborn self to sleep, as she hung milk-drunk in your arms. Now, she is turning one, still a baby, but an independent one at that. She may not understand or is just beginning to understand, the bedtime stories that you've been reading to her before bed. She may smell like lilies and lavender, after getting out of a warm and soothing bath. You've finally changed her in her comfy jammies and gave her a kiss. But remember that material things can wait, precious moments will eventually run their courses.

We encourage dads to take a moment to capture this moment between a mother and her child, without mom's knowledge. Otherwise, she may stop reading, she may stop singing, she may even tell you not to take a picture as she doesn't look her best. Ignore these requests, and capture the natural moment.

Now is the time to remind her that you love her, to show her that you have some time to spare for her, and making her feel like the most important and the most special being in the whole world. If you have a tendency of leaving them in their cribs and hoping they fall asleep on their own, try putting them to sleep with a little more effort. You'll notice a change in behavior in the morning. Read her an adult book, play some classical music or even talk to her about your day, she will drift right off with a sense of security and love.

1 When She Share An Embrace With Him

There are 3 significant ways that babies benefit from having a loving embrace or a gentle hug. Hugs and kisses will boost and strengthen their little immune systems. In addition, it can increase the overall intelligence. And, most importantly, it teaches a child about empathy. This is according to TheAsianParent.com. Of course, under each of these categories, they have subcategories. However, these are the prime ones. But let's add one in there, it boosts their morals.

When a child is feeling shy, sad, uncomfortable or sick, he will turn to you.

Or maybe he got hurt and has pain, a kiss on the cheek, forehead or wherever they are hurting can deliver more magic than Walt Disney himself. It takes a half a mili-second to give your child a kiss. And once that has been achieved, they will instantly feel better. A day will come when you will ask for a kiss and you'll get an  "eww no mommy." So embrace the moments where you cuddle your baby in your arms, and you give him a million butterfly kisses along his jawline and forehead, across his nose and over both eyes.

And dads out there, put Facebook down or the current football stats, and take a picture of the moment between a mother and her baby sharing an embrace. The love will pass through the mother and reflect in the child's eyes.

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