Mommy-Blogger Defends Making Online Parenting Course After Backlash

Courtney Adamo, a popular Instagram influencer/mommy-blogger is facing criticism from her followers after charging $175 for an e-course she designed.

According to Buzzfeed, the unsponsored five-week course is called "In The Loop" and will feature tips, interviews, her favorite products, videos, and other thing's she's learned through her years of travel and motherhood. The cost works out to $35 a lesson and includes a 30-page newsletter featuring exclusive images, thoughts, and exercises. She says the inspiration for the course came from the number of questions she'd receive on a daily basis, and she hopes this course will create a new place for people to share their experiences.

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Adamo has garnered quite the reputation too. She's written about parenting on a number of blogs and garnered 249, 000 followers on Instagram where she chronicles her travels and experiences as a mother. If that wasn't enough, "In The Loop" already has 300 subscribers, according to her numbers.


Still, many users are unsure of the course, and more than a few questioned why they'd pay $175 for information they can find online for free, while others claimed her ability to hire a nanny and house cleaner make her life a lot easier.

"I do think Courtney has good intentions behind the course, but I think it should be rebranded. E-Course implies an education of sorts but really this is just an assortment of tips and information that is available anywhere, just now for a fee," writes one commenter.

Adamo quickly clarified the situation in an interview with Buzzfeed, however.

"People claimed that I have a full-time housekeeper and a full-time nanny," she says. "In reality, we went without any childcare, babysitter, nanny or a housekeeper, from the time we left London in 2015 until just last year, when we hired a cleaner for four hours per week."

Still, she admits that the ability to leave London to see the world is a chance most don't get, so while she's worked hard, she understands she's been given opportunities others can only dream about.

As she stated, she left London in 2015 with her husband and children. Since then, she's been to iconic locations like Tokyo, Los Angeles, Sir Lanka, Uruguay before finally finding a new home in Byron Bay, a town on the southeastern coast of Australia.

While it's understandable to see why some followers would be a little weary about spending any bit of money on an influencer if there is value in her product, then it shouldn't be a problem. "In The Loop" seems to be packed with content, but we're going to wait until more reviews make their rounds before we say it's worthwhile for sure.


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