Mommy Blogger Shares Some Tough Love About Her Pre-Baby Body Coming Back

Mommy Blogger Mel Watts has laid out the truth without sugar coating it: you’re never going to have the same body as you did pre-baby. While many parent bloggers like to keep things happy, bubbly, and positive, Watts believes that you need to be real with your audience; you can’t give them hope that they’ll be able to bounce back 100%, and that’s okay.

For good reason, most bloggers want to keep up a positive message online. Other moms go to blogs to read advice, get inspiration, and reassure themselves that everything is alright. This doesn’t mean, however, that one should promote lies. It would be unfair to give your readers false hope in order to keep up a popular blog—honesty is the best policy, and people will follow a more real and relatable blogger.

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BRB just waiting for my pre baby body to bounce back - two years later (well actually 12 years) Oh and I’ll also love my old set of jugs to return to say 16 year old ones if that’s okay. And whilst we’re at it I’d love my teenage mental health to flick itself right in there too, the IDGAF mind would be absolutely trick right now. ITS NOT COMING BACK, NONE OF IT. I get so angry and fired up when I see people writing about bouncing back post baby. You’ll never ever ever be the same body or mind after you’ve had a baby. It’s gone. Just like your ability to stay up all night and feel fresh the next day. We set so many up for failure because they feel like they need to bounce back, they need to get back to their pre baby selves. Sheesh I’d love my husband to bounce back post birth too, but he ain’t and no one is telling him he should. The reality is that’ll he’ll never be the same either. We either bare the scars on the outside or feel the changes on the inside. Not one person has walked out or been wheeled out of birth the same as they went in. We except we can just go back to our past selves as we cradle our future. Embrace the what the heck you have, if you don’t like it, fix it. With the right mindset you could love the person you are right now, and if someone’s telling you differently - do you really need that? It takes time to like you, but once you do you’ll see that you aren’t actually that bad. And in my case you’ll realise your sense of humour and stunning set of abs will get you the tribe of friends you deserve - including being my own friend!

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Watts published a post on Instagram detailing the physical and emotional struggles of having a post-baby body. In her photo, she is showing her belly, and she highlights how it took a while to accept that she’ll never have the same body again. Twelve years after having her first child, she still hasn’t “bounced back,” so she is angry at those who promote the idea that any mom can return to their young bodies. The fact is the saggy boobs, cellulite, and stretched-out tummy aren’t going anywhere.

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In reality, mom’s will have to accept that their bodies, mindsets, and lives have changed forever after their baby was born. Watts highlights how we shouldn’t set up moms for failure, and we do this when we continue to promote that a 100% body comeback is possible. As a mom, you already got a lot on your mind, and having to worry about how you look shouldn’t be an added stress. This focus on the physical is also not a good message to send your kids.

Instead of trying new treatments, exercises, and diets to get rid of little imperfections, Watts wants women to focus on being healthy and loving themselves. The journey will be long and difficult, but it’s worth it in the end. You will attract positive, fun, and confident people, and that is the environment you want to immerse yourself in—not this perfect, Instagrammable life that’s exhausting to keep up.

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