Another Mommy Makeover For Teen Mom Briana DeJesus

So what else do those celebrated incubators do on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 besides create babies and raise hell with their co-stars? Well, one celeb, Briana DeJesus, opted for a deluxe remodeling of her bod via plastic surgery with the famed plastic surgeon Dr. Miami holding the scalpel.

Announcing to her fan base on Instagram her plans to redo those saggy abdominals, DeJesus showed an image of her posing with the celebrity sawbones earlier this month and expressing anticipation over how everything would turn out. One motive for the medical makeover may have been the birth of her second child in 2017.

As for the procedure, Dr. Miami revealed that he performed a tummy tuck as well as a breast lift, although he had to refit the pair with new implants to replace the ones DeJesus had previously. He also made some alterations on her butt for a more shapely look.

Dr. Miami claimed that the Teen Mom 2 celebrity was well-briefed about the procedure ahead of time and did well during the entire process. He also encouraged her to share the experience on social media to help educate other young mothers entertaining the notion of getting a bodily makeover.


Nearly healed, DeJesus is apparently loving her new body. However, she's had to address concerns from fans that her split in January, from boyfriend Javi Marroquin, was largely due to rumors that he wasn't in favor of he undergoing the procedure. Confirming those suspicions, DeJesus added that she didn't want to rush their now terminated relationship and opted against sharing a place with him this summer.

Florida native DeJesus first became known to audiences when she debuted on the fourth season of the MTV series 16 and Pregnant back in 2012. DeJesus shared the limelight with her sister Brittany, who was also pregnant, but decided on an abortion instead.

When her saga continued on Teen Mom, audiences saw her grow up with her daughter Nova and the fights that ensued between her and the child's father Devoin Austin. He has a rap sheet that includes possession of marijuana, burglary, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and driving without a license.


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