This Mommy Is On Mission Trying To Help Moms Recover From Pregnancy And Childbirth

Woman is helping women get their bodies back in a safe and realistic manner.


Crissy Fishbane, a certified therapeutic exercise specialist and personal trainer, said that she is on a mission to help women get their bodies back after they have delivered their babies. She said that the amount of information for women about their post-partum bodies is just abysmal and that is why so many women have a misunderstanding of how long it takes for them to get their bodies back. Many women are told that their bodies are supposed to just "bounce right back" which just simply isn't true.

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It takes women about 9 months to grow a human being inside their body. During that 9 months their body stretches and grows. Your body goes through a lot of trauma through those 9 months and that is not including delivery. Fishbane said that women want their bodies back right away, but they should not try for that goal. Women should give themselves at least 9 months to get their post-pregnancy bodies back.


Many women are under the impression that after they pass their "6 week post-partum exam" that it is time to get into shape as quickly as possible. This is also accompanied by the added pressure when celebrities show their post-partum bodies after only a few months and we are under the impression that we should look like that too. However, this is just not safe. This can actually cause damage to bodies. It is not healthy for many women to jump back into their rigorous exercise routines. A lot of women need specific therapeutic exercise to heal certain parts of their bodies after the trauma they might have dealt with during pregnancy and delivery.

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Fishbane encourages women to begin exercising after they have the "all clear" from their doctors, but give yourself some time. She knows that you want your body back. She knows that you want to feel beautiful, but it will take time. Just like it took time for you to create your baby, it will take time to get your body to where it was before.  It is important to be healthy more than anything and be happy with your body. Fishbane encourages you to find something that works for you and stick with it!

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