MommyCon: What Is It & Should You Attend?

MommyCon is to natural parenting what Comic-Con is to fans of graphic novels. In my opinion, only one of those celebrates the world's true superheroes! MommyCon is a convention founded by a postpartum mom, Xza Higgins, to promote natural parenting. What began as living room meetups between a small group of moms quickly blossomed into the nationwide celebration that is MommyCon. While MommyCon promotes natural parenting choices (like babywearing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering), they take a non-judgemental stance about individual parenting choices. The convention focuses on the first five years of childhood and parenting. Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome!

Learn From MommyCon Experts

Crowds gather for a presentation at MommyCon. Via YouTube

A huge draw to MommyCon is the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of natural parenting. This year's speakers include neuroscientists, Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs), cloth diaper manufacturers, yoga teachers, nutritionists, civil engineers, CEOs, and more! Each professional parent brings well-earned authority to the convention to share with guests. MommyCon attendees can choose from a wide variety of speakers, panels, and workshops designed to delight and edify. Topics cover a wide range: nutrition, physical therapy, small business, chiropractic care, and midwifery. No matter which topic tickles your fancy, you'll find an industry leader speaking about the latest and greatest in their particular area of focus. Bring your notebook!

Check Out The Latest Baby Gear

Vendor booths are a great place to check out the best baby products! Via The Suckle Buckle

Speaking of the latest and greatest; MommyCon is an exceptional chance to glimpse the newest baby products on the market. Some vendors are even showcasing their wares pre-launch by using prototypes at their convention booth. From the coolest nursing gear (like the Suckle Buckle) to the most compact folding stroller I've ever seen, MommyCon is THE place for parents to get their hands on the best. Each year, manufacturers create even more convenient, efficient, and conscientious tools to aid parents. Some focus on eco-sustainability while others address a need the market has long-ignored. MommyCon is sponsored by the biggest names in the parenting game: Huggies, Ubbi, Britax, and Keenz, to name a few.

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Meet The Most Inspiring People

While MommyCon is an amazing opportunity to learn from experts and get your hands on the newest baby gear, it's also a fantastic place to glean inspiration from other parents. By bringing together like-minded people, MommyCon allows parents to socialize with one another in a directed way. It's a fair bet that a parent who is attending the same speaker or panel discussion shares similar interests! Parents can carry what they've learned into their future relationships with one another. Since MommyCon draws families from all over the country it's a great way to find long-distance friends you might never meet in your daily routine. The shared experience of joining together to celebrate natural parenting and the early years of childhood forges a bond. Lean into it. Soak up the inspiration.

MommyCon Event Information & Tickets

Check out this VIP gift bag swag! Via Blessings In The Road

MommyCon 2019 is already scheduled! Don't miss out on your chance to be one of the tens of thousands of parents who find their happy place on the convention floor. Since its inception, MommyCon has recognized a need to address father-specific issues such as male infertility or the dearth of resources for stay-at-home dads. They created DaddyCon as a partner program. By far, Chicago has the largest MommyCon turnout and the longest event run.

Chicago MommyCon: March 1-3

Chicago DaddyCon: March 2-3

New York MommyCon: April 6

Charlotte MommyCon: May 4

Orlando MommyCon: August 31

Orlando DaddyCon: August 31

SoCal MommyCon: October 5

SoCal DaddyCon: October 5

Tickets start at only $25, with three-day VIP passes available for $150. Tickets at $50 & up receive a swag bag, with VIP upgraded swag bags. The conferences focus on the first five years of life, with babies and toddlers welcome. Strollers are allowed - but you may be asked to fold strollers if the event becomes too crowded. Most wear their babies to keep their hands free.

Don't miss out! MommyCon is a fantastic opportunity to meet mom-friends, get a sneak peek at the coolest baby gear, and learn about modern parenting. I hope to see you there!

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