MommyCon Founder's Husband Arrested For Possession Of Illicit Material Involving Children

BabyGaga featured MommyCon convention dates and encouraged our readers to attend last year. Effectively immediately, BabyGaga retracts any endorsement of the event.

Higgins, now 52, was employed as a special education teacher by Highland Park High School in the affluent northern suburb of Chicago. Last month authorities discovered images of “a girl less than 18 years old engaged in sexual acts”, according to news network WGN. School officials were quick to point out none of the materials found in Higgins’ possession involved students from Highland Park High School. Superintendent Bruce Law issued a statement:

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“The district conducts fingerprint-based criminal background checks and cross-referencing using state and national sexual and violent offender registries. In addition, a new state law requires that we background check all employees every five years. District 113 is going further and performing the state-required background checks on every employee every year.”

Xza, who founded MommyCon in 2012, has reported annual revenue of over $1M from the convention and blog series she hosts. A single vendor booth at a MommyCon event costs upwards of $6,000 and tickets sell by the tens of thousands. As such, Xza was able to fund her estranged husband’s bail of $20,000.

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The couple shares two young children together. In a Facebook post from her personal page, Xza shared her feelings about her husband’s arrest. “The police and state’s attorney’s office have given me little reason to believe they care for Kevin, or his family.” She went on to add, “Despite the separation, this is a man that I have children with and had been with for 14 years.”

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Xza explains she is lying to her children about why they can’t see their father and complains she doesn’t have the “resources” to be a single parent.

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Adding to the complexity of Kevin Higgin’s case is the knowledge that he began dating his now-wife when she was a minor. Xza is 29 years old, which means she was only 15 years old when she began a romantic relationship with her now-husband. When they began dating, Kevin Higgins was 38.

Some supporters have jumped to defend Xza, pointing out her own victimization from Kevin’s pedophilia. Despite this nuance, most former fans have turned against Xza for seemingly siding with her estranged husband despite the evidence against him.

Major vendors have ended their affiliations with MommyCon, including GroVia, Kindercarry, and more. MommyCon responded to the breaking news by deleting comments from their social media page. After commenters pointed out the attempt to bury the critical comments, MommyCon admitted they had deleted several posts and then later realized doing so was unwise.

We have learned some disturbing news today and feel compelled to make a statement. Here at GroVia, we have...

Posted by GroVia on Sunday, November 17, 2019

Across their social media platforms, MommyCon did their best to distance themselves from the child pornography charges. They emphasized the “legal separation” of Xza from her husband and stated Kevin Higgins had no access to company images from MommyCon events. According to their records, Kevin Higgins has not been in attendance at any MommyCon events since April 2018. Which is to say, the accused pedophile has previously attended the child-centric events as the founder’s husband.

At the time of publication, MommyCon’s San Diego event is still “on” for the upcoming weekend, November 23rd.

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