Mom And Dad's Parenting Weakness Based On Their Zodiac

Our zodiac signs can say so much about us. They can tell us things about our personality regardless if they are good or bad traits. They can help guide us to where we need to be and help keep us on the right path and they can even tell us about our parenting strengths and weaknesses, and so much more. Parenting isn’t an easy task and it consists of highs and lows. Hospitals don’t give out instruction manuals when our children or born, but if they did, the reality would be a lot simpler.

All of us have at least one major weakness when it comes to parenting and thanks to our zodiac we are able to pinpoint exactly what that is. Otherwise, how can we begin to work on making ourselves better parents if we don’t know what our weakness is in the first place?

If all of you moms and dads out there are even a bit curious as to what your parenting weakness is, you have come to the right place! We are here to tell you exactly what it is so that you know where to start and what to look out for. We’ve also included the four elements to give you an even better look into yourself.

Continue reading below to learn what your element and zodiac sign have to say about you!

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16 Aries - A Short Fuse

Moms and dads who fall under the Aries sign are confident, determined, and courageous parents. However, no matter how great they are, they have a major parenting weakness they need to try to work on–which is their short temper. It does not matter how old their child is, they still tend to lose their cool.

When this happens, they become stressed out which can sometimes lead to yelling. When their child makes a mess they may sometimes try to act like it is some catastrophic event.

Aries parents need to learn that some things cannot be avoided, but it doesn’t mean they have to lose their temper every single time.

They would have a lot less stress if they were to take in some deep breaths when they start to feel their stress level begin to rise.

15 Leo - Laziness Comes Easy

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Leo’s are usually really cheerful for the most part. They are warm-hearted and generous, and they also love to make people laugh, especially their children. They have one downfall that should really be addressed, and that is the fact that they tend to be really lazy individuals. They hate cleaning and tackling household chores. They sometimes leave things pile up before they feel like they have no other choice but to get to work.

Laziness is not something that they want to pass onto their kids as they get older. Children are like a sponge and they absorb everything their parents do and say, which they will eventually try to mimic.

It’s like playing the game monkey see, monkey do.

When you become a parent you have to set your lazy tendencies to the side in order to be the best parent they can be.

14 Sagittarius - Patience Really Is A Virtue

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Sagittarius moms and dads can be very generous and have an amazing sense of humor. Their main parenting weakness is that they are very impatient. When you become a parent, patience becomes important and almost mandatory. From the time your child is born until they go off to college or even beyond, you will face a variety of challenges that will arise where you will definitely need to know how to be patient.

When kids are very young they depend on their parents to do everything for them. And as they grow and start to learn how to do a variety of things for the first time, parents will have to realize that the learning process can go pretty slow with a majority of things.

Sagittarius moms and dads may sometimes rush their child instead of taking the time to slowly teach them.

Moms and dads under this sign need to slowly learn to be patient so that they can enjoy watching their child gradually growing up instead of becoming impatient and getting frustrated with everything.

13 Taurus - Compromise Doesn't Come Easy

Moms and dads who fall under the zodiac sign Taurus are usually patient, reliable, and responsible parents. But because things run pretty smooth for them, they want things done their way every time. For them, there is no such thing as a middle ground because their main parenting weakness is that they do not like to make compromises–with anything. What this means when it comes to compromising as a parent is that they want to be the one calling the shots, even if the other parent is in their child's life the parent under this sign will not bend to sharing ideas as to how their kid should be.

It also means that they will not compromise with their own child either as he/she gets older. They have a set of rules that they stick to in a very strict manner.

Taurus moms and dads have to learn to realize and understand that there is more than one way to do things.

Being able to compromise helps keep some equality when it comes to parenting.

12 Virgo - Over-Critical Of Themselves And Others

Virgo parents work very hard for what they and their kids have in their life. There is definitely not much room left in their life for laziness when it comes to this zodiac sign. They are also very kind individuals. But they have a major parenting weakness that really brings them down at times. They can be overly critical of themselves and their parenting abilities.

On top of that, they are also very critical about other people as well. That includes their significant other, their children, as well as other parents. This can turn into an issue for them because if something goes wrong or there is an accident they are hard on themselves and mentally say that they should have known better. Virgos can be very judgemental when it comes to them and their family.

They cannot give their kids their all if they criticize every little thing that they do.

They need to let this go so they and their family can be much happier.

11 Capricorn - Might Think They Know Everything

Capricorn parents have some very amazing traits such as having amazing self-control, they are very responsible, and they are very disciplined. But as a parent, they think they know every little thing that there is to know.

They are major know-it-alls, and if they are wrong they get very stubborn and won’t admit it.

If they do admit that they were wrong, they usually will not apologize either. As an example, when it comes to taking their child to the pediatrician and the doctor makes a suggestion it may go in one ear and out the other because they already (think) they know what to do.

It gets even more challenging when their children are of school age and need help with homework. They won’t admit when they don’t know something and have been known to reply back with, “If I were to help you, you would never learn the material.” They have to learn to let the, “I already know,” stuff go because it’s impossible to know every little thing.

10 Gemini - Inconsistency Is Not Key

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Gemini parents are able to adapt to new situations and they are quick learners, which can be very beneficial for their children as they grow and change.

Their main downfall and parenting weakness is that they are not very consistent with anything.

Just the fact that they are able to adapt easily feeds their inconsistency issues. They are not good at keeping set schedules.

And when it comes to having children, they need routine and structure in their lives. As an example, when a Gemini mom or dad tried to get their baby into a routine, they may put the baby to bed early one night, then a few hours later the next night, and a few hours earlier the following night. They are a baby, they need a solid schedule. If Gemini parents learn how to be a bit more consistent, they would be surprised by how much smoother things would run.

9 Aquarius - Emotions Are Scary

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Parents who fall under the sign Aquarius are very independent and original. They don’t tend to need anyone else to help them with their children, and they know exactly what they have to do as parents when it comes to taking care of and raising their children. They do have a major weakness that they deal with internally, which can affect how they interact with their children.They usually run away from any form of emotional expression and may be the ones who tells others to “toughen up.”

They may even have thought about saying that to their own child if they haven’t already.

They need to realized that emotions are okay to feel and that everyone feels things.

If they let the notion go that emotions can be bad, then may actually be able to bond with their kids on a much higher level.

8 Libra - The Self-Pity Problem

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Libra moms and dads are very cooperative and fair-minded. Those two traits work well with their children. But what doesn’t work well with their children is the fact that they can wallow in their own self-pity for multiple reasons. One example would be if this Libra mom or dad is a single parent, they will have self-pity over having to do everything themselves, or for any other reason.

Wallowing in self-pity can sometimes make them resent their own child and at times they may not even realize that they are thinking in such a negative way until they try to pinpoint exactly what it is that they are actually feeling.

The whole self-pity thing can make them retract and not be the best parent that they know how to be. But the fact that they are fair-minded does come from their self-pity because they know how it feels to think life is unfair, so they rather not be unfair to others. If they give up feeling bad for themselves, they will be able to become much better parents to their kids.

7 Cancer - The Glass Is Half Empty

Parents who were born under the zodiac sign Cancer are very persuasive individuals. They can talk almost anyone into doing anything just by their choice of words, especially their children. How many kids do you know that don’t mind brushing their teeth or cleaning their room? With a parent who can talk them into anything, they fall right into healthy habits. Unfortunately, these wonderful parents under the Cancer sign have a major parenting weakness, which is that they can at times become very pessimistic with their parenting.

They sometimes may even think the worst and that they are a bad parent when that isn’t even true. Other times, they think that they are going to mess up their kids' lives which can cause them to become overly cautious.

By doing that, they are throwing their positive parenting traits right out of the window.

Positive thinking can work wonders for a mom or dad who falls under this sign.

6 Scorpio - Might See Red

Scorpio moms and dads have a serious issue when it comes to their temper and their anger. They can lose their cool really quick. That is never a good thing when you have kids. Parents need to be able to keep their anger in check so that they don’t do or say anything that could be considered bad or harmful to their children. They have to learn to be as anger-free as possible and remain calm all at the same.

It doesn’t matter if they have to walk away for a moment to regain their sanity if they have to, or they can even try deep breathing or counting to 10.

They need to let their anger and frustrations out in a healthy manner and away from their children.

They never want their children to fear them even if all they do is raise their voice.

5 Pisces - Trust Comes Too Easy

Pisces moms and dads have intuitive parenting skills, as everything comes to them naturally. They also let their intuition slide because they become overly trusting of people all the time. If another parent were to give them advice and they claimed it was guaranteed to work with their own children, they would unconditionally trust the honesty of that person.

Or when the day comes that their child becomes a preteen or teen, they may put too much trust in their child, a situation that can backfire on them.

They should always be using their intuitive skills and their own judgment to come to make their own conclusions.

Trust can be a good thing, but being overly trusting will never work in the end. They may even end up taking bad advice that could potentially become dangerous.

4 Fire Signs - Give More Than They Should

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Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius make up the element of Fire. While they do have a lot of compassion for others and a deeper understanding of people, when it comes to their parenting they tend to give much more than they should. We know that may not seem like a bad thing when it comes to parenting, because we want to give our young as much as we can, it really can be a bad thing.

You may find the need to spoil your own children by giving them anything and everything that you can. In turn, your children may end up walking all over you as they grow older and older.

You have to learn to put your foot down every now and then because your children need to learn to respect you.

By giving too much, you are also taking away from yourself. If you learn to balance things out, it could greatly benefit you in the future.

3 Earth Signs - Change Doesn't Come Easy

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn make up the Earth element. They want things to be done their way and once they become set in a routine that works for them, they do not like to change things up. They can get set and stuck in their routine. They cannot imagine doing things any other way. When it comes to parenting, having a set routine is a good thing, but not willing or wanting to switch things up every once in awhile–especially when things need to change because surrounding circumstances have become different–can be a very bad thing.

As children get older, either their routines change or a situation arises at home requiring a different timetable for everybody.

Not being willing to adapt can turn things into a bigger hassle then they need to be.

Times also change, which requires the need to alter a routine. Don’t get left behind, know that chance can be a good thing sometimes.

2 Air Signs - What Do Others Think?

There are three zodiac signs that make up the element Air–Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. They tend to worry about what others have to say about them and the things they do, especially when it comes to their parenting. Air signs make great parents, but they don’t usually believe it if someone else says that they are a horrible parent or even just makes a negative comment. They waste so much of their time worrying about what others have to say that they let others opinions run their entire life. This can take away from their parenting when they are always doubting their parenting.

However, they will only feel good when people give them positive comments on their parenting. If parents under this element would let go of what others say, they would be able to be so much happier and much more confident in their abilities.

1 Water Signs - Uncontrollable Emotions

The Water signs consist of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. As parents, they tend to become way too emotional and it can get to the point where they sometimes cannot contain themselves. Each of their individual zodiac signs show their parenting weakness as being overrun by their emotions.

They tend to throw all logic out the window and react to situations based on their emotions.

It can cause these Water signs to become overly stressed and they may even lash out. Or in some cases, they may take their emotions and turn it inward and give in to their own negativity making them, generally, feel upset within themselves. They may not even always realize that they are doing these things. Once they learn a healthy outlet for their emotions, they will be just fine.

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