Moms Are Angry Over This ‘Disgusting’ Denim Miniskirt Made For Babies

A denim skirt for newborns has caused controversy.

Fashion for little girls and babies is always a point of interest with moms. Every mother has her own opinion on what is appropriate for her child to wear. Their opinions will continue on through the little girls' adolescence and her teenage years. Some moms believe that their daughter can wear whatever they want because it shows their individuality and other moms believe in dressing modestly because that shows respect to your body. No matter the opinion on fashion, most mothers were pretty upset by something a mother posted on her social media.

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Michelle Potts was shopping for her daughter at Morrisons' when she came across something that was completely appalling. She snapped a picture of it and shared it with her friends. The picture showed a very short denim skirt that was intended for newborn little girls. Potts was confused by this item of clothing because she knew that this skirt couldn't possibly be comfortable for a little newborn baby and it seemed inappropriate for a mother to feel comfortable putting their little baby girl in this skirt. She said, I "can’t believe I saw these in Morrisons… Who on earth would put a newborn baby in a denim mini skirt."


Potts went on to explain that having a baby girl is a lot of fun, but a little newborn should not be a doll that you can dress up like a teenager. She goes on to say that babies should not be wearing clothes that teenagers and adults are wearing because they are just little girls. We need to stop forcing our little girls to grow up too quickly. Many mothers responded to Potts post and were pretty stunned by the denim skirt. However, one mother defended Morrison and assured her it wasn't just that clothing store. It is a style that many mothers are very comfortable with and therefore many stores are selling these skirts. One mother said, "to each their own, but I want my baby to look like a baby."

One mother said that she wouldn't mind putting her daughter in these skirts if she were a little bit older and as long as she was wearing some tights underneath. No baby, or little girl, should be wearing this skirt without something underneath that makes it a bit more modest. A spokesperson for Morrison shares that their denim mini skirts can be paired with many different things including leggings and tights.

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