Moms Claim 'Miracle' Bubble Bath Helps Babies Sleep Through The Night

One mother shares how her miracle bath has provided her with a full nights sleep!

One of the biggest complaints received by new parents is that they are tired. New parents complain that they don't get enough sleep, they are sleep deprived, and that their emotional and physical health is struggling. Many parents try everything in their power to get just an extra half an hour of sleep because they are struggling so bad. Parents try sleep training, different cribs, sleeping attire to help babies sleep longer and some have even tried different music and lighting to get their kids to sleep. One mother claims that she loves has found a "miracle bath" that gets her baby to sleep through the night. We bet all parents interest is certainly peaked at this point!

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One mom said that her daughter had never slept through the night. Then she tried Asda's brand bubble bath that has received many 5 star reviews. Raving parents said that it was the only thing that got their children to sleep through the night. That is why this one mother decided to give it a try. This mother bathed her child in the Asda’s Little Angels menthol bubble bath and her daughter had a complete night's sleep.


The Asda's Little Angels menthol bubble bath gives off a menthol aroma that soothes children. The soothing aroma helps calm babies and helps them sleep through the night. One reviewer said that the smell of the bath is just "lovely" and she gives her son a bath every time that he has a cold because it really calms him down. One mother even said that her son had a really bad cold for a little bit and he was too young to give any medicine. She put him in the Asda's menthol bath and within minutes she noticed a difference in his breathing.

Even adults are raving about the bath and they love to use the product. One woman said that she has been using the product for years on herself. She admitted that she doesn't have any children, but she says that it relieves a lot of her stress. this commenter admitted that she suffers from anxiety, but the product helps her. One woman wrote,  "it’s an absolute lifesaver. I use it for when the Mr has his 'manflu' and for myself when the migraine appears. Great price and does the job well. Well done Asda!!’

If you are looking for a product to help soothe your little one and possibly get a full nights sleep, this is a great option!

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