Moms Are Turning To Google For Pregnancy Answers Instead Of Their OBGYNs

Expectant women are more likely to turn to Google for answers about their pregnancies than their own doctors.

Is cramping okay? I am spotting, should I be worried? Am I having a miscarriage? Why is my pelvis hurting? Can you get cysts while pregnant? Is it okay to take my allergy medicine during pregnancy? These are just a few of the thousands of questions that are typed into Google search bar every single day. Mothers are quicker to sit down and type their concerns that they have in their smartphone than they are to ask their doctor.

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The internet is full of pregnancy chatrooms, Facebook support groups and discussion boards where women are flooding to get their pregnancy questions answered.  If you go to any of these sites you will immediately find very concerning questions from mothers that are desperately seeking answers. Women are asking questions that could impact the safety of the child, or the pregnant mother. Mothers with absolutely no medical training are then answering the questions.

Doctors are encouraging women to stay away from Google while they are pregnant. Carol from Arkansas cannot tell you whether or not you can mix different medications together. Susan from Boise, Idaho doesn't have the knowledge to tell you that your spotting is completely normal and there is nothing that you should worry about. Peggy from Florida cannot look at your ultrasound and tell you whether or not your baby is healthy. News flash, doctors go to many years of school so that they can help you through your pregnancy. They have done extensive research about pregnancy and can properly answer all of your questions.

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It is perfectly fine to lean on fellow mothers to help support you through your pregnancy journey. Women can help you with ways to cope with all of the challenges of being a mother. These groups can help you learn about different ways to exercise during and after pregnancy, recipes, different ways to help with nausea, products that are perfect for mother and baby. However, these sites should not be used in substitution for talking to your doctor.

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