Mom's Hospital Bag: The One Item To Bring And The One To Ditch, Based On Her Zodiac

Each mom has unique needs in the delivery room. There isn't one packing list that will cover what each mom needs. Mom's zodiac can play an essential role in planning for the perfect labor.

Most moms will use basics like a change of clothes, lip balm, and hairbrush. Hard candy helps many moms through hours of labor. The items on this list are much more specific to mom's deep needs during labor and delivery.

This list will help mom think about her personality type and horoscope when she plans what she'll take to the hospital and who she'll let in the room. Having precisely what mom needs will make her feel more comfortable which can help to speed labor and delivery.

When mom is feeling comfortable and knows that her most private needs are accounted for, she will be able to relax and let the baby pass quickly and easily. If mom ignores her personality and deepest needs, her mind can subconsciously tense her physically and prevent a smooth delivery. No mom will want to ignore her horoscope and inadvertently make labor and delivery more difficult for herself. Keep reading on the best things to pack to make mom comfortable during labor.

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24 Aries: Needs A Phone


Aries are known for their high level of energy. They tend to be trendsetters and others like to follow them. The Aries mom will find herself with tremendous amounts of power in the delivery room. She'll be excited by the experience and want to share it with the world. That's why the Aries mom will want to make sure she brings her phone with her.

She'll be eager to share her experience with her fans and followers online.

This mom will also want to make sure she has a birth plan on hand. As a trendsetter, she'll have researched all the latest and greatest ideas in labor and delivery. This mom will make it known to her nurses precisely what she wants. She might even be a little off-putting to the staff with her intense desires. The birth plan will help to spell everything out for the team and keep everyone on the same page.

23 Aries: Forget The Journal

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Aries can feel free to forget the journal from her hospital bag. Since she wants to share everything with the world, she'll have little interest in taking a quiet moment to reflect in her journal.

This mom will have already visualized the exact birth experience she wants, and she'll be actively working to make this vision come true.

According to Arostyle, "Your friends love to follow as you lead them on the latest adventure. Make sure to let other people be the boss every now and then, too, or you could alienate potential allies. Focus your competitive streak into a diva-worthy goal, delegate to your troops, and you’ll rise to the top!" That's a good lesson for Aries: be sure to keep that fiery passion in check and not to alienate the hospital staff.

22 Taurus: Needs Items For Zen

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/bellymoms/labor-hospital-birthing-gowns/

Taurus can either be in the zone and chill or upset and ready to charge. This bull of a mom will want to pack her hospital bag with things that help her to feel grounded and in the right frame of mind for peaceful childbirth. Mom's zen music will help to set the mood in the delivery room. This music could range from anything from quiet flutes to a recorded meditation. It might even be her favorite chill band. As long as the music helps her to relax and connect with her own body and experience.

A Taurus enjoys the more delicate things in life.

This mom will appreciate having her own beautiful nightgown to labor in and another one to sleep in after the baby. She'll realize that she might get all sorts of birth fluids on the night gown and after the birth, she'll risk bleeding through her pad on it. For a Taurus, this will be okay. Having the luxury of a soft, high-quality nightgown on her skin over a cheap and ugly hospital gown will be worth it.

21 Taurus: Leave The Cheap Snacks


What isn't worth packing in this mom's hospital bag?Leave the cheap snacks at home.

This mom will appreciate a high quality, nutritious snack over junk. 

This makes perfect sense with what Astrostyle writes about the Taurus: "Satin sheets, gourmet dinners, a glass of red wine, and boom…you’re relaxing into one of your famous, 14-hour naps. Not that you don’t work hard, too. Like a bull, Taurus operates at two speeds: either totally relaxed, or charging headfirst towards a target." In some situations maybe some energy drinks and chips are what a Taurus needs to get revved up and ready to go, but during labor and birth she needs to keep chill with some of those "finer things in life."

20 Gemini: Needs Her Gadgets


Gemini love to connect with their friends. They often share juicy details of their life over social media. This intense journey into motherhood will be no different. For the Gemini mom, she'll probably have an endless stream of texts coming and going to keep the most important people up to date on the nitty-gritty details of her labor and delivery. A Gemini mom will want to make sure she has her phone close at hand when she heads to the hospital. This will be the essential thing to keep her comfortable during labor and delivery.

Of course, once the baby comes, mom will want to share the exact details of how the baby is doing along with lots of adorable pictures.

Gemini love to fiddle with gadgets too. This mom will spend time searching online for the latest and greatest birth gadgets. She might have a particular contraction timer or an app to monitor baby's temperature and the number of breaths once it's born. The Gemini mom won't be able to resist fiddling with her new toys.

19 Gemini: Leave The Oil Diffuser


What can the Gemini mom omit from her birth bag? She won't have any use for an oil diffuser. This mom won't be worried about setting the mood in the room during delivery or cleansing baby's aura afterward. She'll be much more interested in social interactions on the big day. As Astrostyle says, "Mercury also rules technology and the mind, making Gemini one of the most curious and cutting-edge signs of the zodiac. If two is double the fun, then as the sign of the twins, you know it’s true! There are at least two personalities inside of you at all times. Adventurous Geminis change faster than the weather, and constantly flip between moods and interests. One day, you’re into frilly, girl stuff. The next day, you’re over that and skydiving out of an airplane. If possible, try to stick with a couple key passions for the long haul, and get really good at them." This mile-a-minute mom doesn't have time for an oil cleanse of the room.

18 Cancer: Needs Supportive People


The Cancer mom will be loving and supportive to all of her friends. In the delivery room, she'll need a specific type of person to help her through the ups and downs of labor and delivery. People will be the most critical part of this mom's planning for the big day. She won't need a hospital bag full of gadgets or anything special. Instead, she'll need the right person by her side. Cancer will need a strong and supportive birth coach. This person will be loving and understanding but will also be able to direct mom to be strong and self-sufficient.

Since Cancers spend so much of their time loving and supporting the people in their lives, a Cancer mom will appreciate it in return.

17 Leave: Everyone Else

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Mom will want to be very clear on the type of person she wants and doesn't want in the delivery room.  Her birth coach will be on guard at the door too. Astrostyle says: "When you get moody, you need to be comforted, or else just left alone... To make life easier, surround yourself with comfort: a cozy sweater, a favorite book, trusted friends, and a stash of your favorite goodies."

Cancer will become claustrophobic with the wrong people around.

Overbearing friends and family will make this mom shut down.That's why a Cancer mom needs to think long and hard before she invites anyone into the delivery room. Some moms find it easier to higher a doula that will help with the delivery and act as a gatekeeper for pushy family trying to get in the room.

16 Leo: Needs A Birth Photographer


Leos love to entertain and be the center of attention. The Leo mom will want to make sure to creatively document each step of the labor and delivery process. Sure she'll want some of her luxury items in the hospital bag, but the most important thing to remember will be a birth photographer.

This mom will relish in the opportunity to have a professional photographer capture the most intimate and important moments of her journey into motherhood.

Later, she'll love sharing these beautiful and breathtaking images with friends and family as she reenacts the dramatic process. After all, "When the whole universe revolves around you, it’s hard to be humble", according to Astrostyle.

15 Leo: Forget The Phone


Sometimes a Leo can be too focused on themselves and find that they are lonely. This might not be too big of a problem during the labor since mom will be the main attraction but it could cause hurt feelings with the partner on the journey. A Leo mom will be fine if she forgets her phone at home.

Sure she'll want to share later all about it on social media, but during the event, she'll be better served by focusing on her experience.

This mom won't be interested in sharing the step by step process online. She'll get more enjoyment from telling people about it in person later. As Astrostyle says, "Leo is the sign of drama, and oh, can you put on a show! Even the Leos who pretend to be shy come to life in the spotlight. A natural-born leader, you love to be the boss." During labor, a Leo has enough on her mind without a phone.

14 Virgo: Needs The Makeup Bag And Journal

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/190066046754683821/

Virgos strive to be flawless. They enjoy primping to perfect their look. They love to have everything right. This might make their partner or hospital team a little coo-coo as they try to make labor and delivery perfect. The Virgo mom will have the ideal labor and delivery already figured out in her head.

If a nurse or doctor suggests something other than mom's plan things might get a little salty.

It's not that this mom won't want to work with the team, it's that she's already taken the time to create the perfect plan. This mom will want to make sure she packs her make up bag. Whether she's laboring or has already had the baby, she'll want her make up in check. It will help her feel more comfortable and in control. Keeping her journal close by will also help her to slow down and enjoy the process. This will help mom to mellow out some too.

13 Virgo: Leave The Phone

The Virgo mom shouldn't worry about having her phone on hand during the labor and afterward. She won't be interested in it at all. Instead, she'll likely connect with her creative side and forget about social media altogether. Her birth partner will want to make sure to snap some photos for mom's projects later. Like Astrostyle says, "You love to analyze everything! In fact, you can drive yourself crazy, because you never stop thinking. Virgo is a perfectionist who sees every flaw, and at times, you’re a little too critical."

If a Virgo has to focus on the perfect social media post, she might make delivery harder than it needs to be.

After all, if she can't do it perfectly then why do it at all?

12 Libra: Leave The Birth Plan Behind


Libras love to learn and connect with other people. They thrive on conversation, but they can spend time alone too. They have a wide variety of interests and connect with many different people. Most of all, Libras love harmony and try to avoid conflict. For this reason, most Libras will leave their birth plan at home.

The Libra mom will understand that labor and delivery can be unpredictable.

She will have read up on all the different options - you can be sure of that. When the time comes, she'll know whether or not to opt for a cesarean or let the doctor try forceps. She'll also be confident in deferring to the expertise of her delivery staff. Since she won't want to rock the boat too much, she'll probably ask questions of her doctors and nurses but end up following their advice.

11 Libra: Needs Her Books


An essential part of the Libra hospital bag will be her books. This mom will spend her labor quietly reading the latest book that has grabbed her attention.

After the baby comes, books will still be her best friend. She'll spend the long hours of quite nursing throughout the day and night lost in a long line of fictions and nonfictions.

According to Astrostyle, "Like Taurus, which is also Venus-ruled, Libras love to be surrounded by art, culture and beauty in a soft, harmonious environment. You love good food and expensive things... Just remember to save some time for yourself. Libras can get so caught up in the moment, they forget to handle their own responsibilities." A Libra's books are the perfect avenue to that tranquility and culture she needs to work for.

10 Scorpio: Needs Trendy Birth Supplies And Books


Scorpios can be quiet and super intense. The Scorpio mom will have deep feelings about how she wants the birth to go. She'll probably also be ready to try some trendy birth concept like having her placenta dried, ground and put into capsules for her after birth supplement. This mom will want to make sure she packs her placenta capsules or whatever trendy birth supplies she'll need.

The Scorpio will also want to make sure she takes a book for company during the long hours of labor.

Using this time to get lost in a good book will help her to feel more comfortable. Astrostyle says: "You’re so powerful that people feel your presence, even before you’ve said a word! Sensitive Scorpio picks up vibes. You see every little detail, and you can read people like an open book."

9 Scorpio: Leave The Gatekeeper, She's Doing It Herself

Medical Daily

As a reserved person, she might feel uncomfortable with the shift changes of nurses. She'll have a whole new group of people coming in and out of her room. The Scorpio mom will put much thought and consideration into who she invites into the labor and delivery room. She might even make it clear that her room won't be open to visitors once the baby comes. According to Astrostyle, "Once your friends get used to your high-intensity style, they know that you’re fiercely loyal. Anyone who betrays you had better watch out! Like a Scorpion, you’ll deliver a painful sting of revenge." This type of mom will want to feel comfortable with the people around her. For that reason, she won't want anyone popping in that hasn't made it into the circle of trust.

She won't need a gatekeeper because she'll be willing to let the people in or keep them out herself.

8 Sagittarius: Needs Her Own Birth Pool And Supplies

Via: http://www.livingly.com/Celebrity+Mom+Instagram+Moments+That+Prove+It's+Not+Just+You/articles/tq7GknjlEE7/They+labor+like+the+rest+of+us

A Sagittarius is fun loving and wise at the same time. This mom will have spent time researching natural birth ideas and create a perspective all of her own. She'll be willing to find the right balance between natural birth and today's medicine. Because this mom is a Centaur, she'll be thoughtful and connected to the animal-like sensations of giving birth.

She'll likely request a labor pool to help balance these two sides of her. Some hospitals will be able to accommodate the request while others won't be prepared.

Either way will be okay with the Sagittarius. This mom will be ready to bring her own birth pool and supplies if need be. According to Astrostyle, "Sagittarius is forever pursuing a super-sized goal. Even when you fail, nothing can keep you down. You’ll chalk it up as a life lesson and inspire everyone with tales of your experience." This will make her a great mom and should help her birth be easier.

7 Sagittarius: Leave The Fancy Nightgown


The one thing she won't have to worry about packing is a fancy nightgown. She'll be fine in the hospital issued gown. As Astrostyle says, "Sagittarians often reflect Jupiter’s larger-than-life persona. As the zodiac’s traveler, Sagittarius is the ultimate free spirit: optimistic, open-minded and ambitious. You’re happiest in wide-open spaces with plenty of adventure and excitement."

Her low maintenance personality will make her easy going in the delivery room.

Since a Sagittarius is a natural risk taker, she might be more likely to try her hand (or hips) at a natural, med free birth. She'll like the idea of the freedom of it, and she'll connect with her animal instinct to guide her through the process. She'll connect with the raw and natural feeling of letting her body lead during labor and delivery.

6 Capricorn: Needs Projects And Activities


In life, Capricorns like to stay busy with work and their personal life. They spend much of their time working toward goals. So much so that they can put the blinders on to more important things. Capricorns can flip-flop between working hard and relaxing hard. A Capricorn mom will want to have her bases covered for the delivery room.

She'll need space in her hospital bag for lots of busy work.

This could be anything from parts of a project she is working on to simple crossword puzzles. Anything to keep her active. On the other hand, she might flip into relaxation mode and spend her labor catching up on her favorite show. In this case, her Netflix password will be all she needs to make it through a long labor.

5 Capricorn: Leave The Journal


This mom won't waste space in her bag on a journal. She doesn't take a lot of time to reflect on emotional experiences. Astrostyle characterizers her as goal-oriented: "Ambitious Capricorn is symbolized by a mountain goat climbing up a rocky hill, taking one cautious step at a time. And that’s exactly how patient Caps like to do everything. You’ll skip the good stuff today if it means getting the reward tomorrow." Of course, at home she spends lots of time charting out her next goals.

In the delivery room, she won't be seen writing about her feelings and reflecting on her experiences in a journal.

A great birth partner will make the Capricorn mom celebrate all the small steps of labor that gets her closer to delivery. This partner will remind mom that every contraction she conquers helps move baby further into the birth canal and closer to the finish line.

4 Aquarius: Needs Her One Support Person

Via: https://www.upi.com/Jason-Biggs-Jenny-Mollen-welcome-second-son/4361507219169/

An Aquarius is known for keeping things light. This type of person can often keep things impersonal too. It is hard for this person to open up and be truly honest in an intimate relationship.

They may have one go-to person that sees all of their deep emotions. This person would be the perfect support in the delivery room.

Since Aquarius keeps things so light in too many relationships it will be necessary that she chooses the right birth coach and only lets that person in the delivery room (except for the hospital staff of course). According to Astrostyle, "Just like your celestial overlord, you’ve been known to do things your own way, moving on a path different from everyone else’s." She's an original, so she needs someone who really knows her.

3 Aquarius: Leave The Extra People

Labor and delivery will open up the most intimate parts of moms heart and soul (and body too). This will be a very delicate time for mom. In their closest relationships, an Aquarius could become anxious or moody. Their birth coach will already be used to this side of them and should be prepared to help guide them out of it.

Mom will want to take special care in planning which people are not allowed in the room too.

Some people will trigger mom and can end up slowing or even stopping her body from progressing further during labor. Mom will have to make it clear to her friends and family that if they haven't explicitly been invited into the delivery room, then they shouldn't try popping in.

2 Pisces: Needs Comfort Items

Via: https://caamedia.org/offthemenu/2015/05/08/it-takes-guts-and-organ-meats-to-raise-a-new-mom/

Pisces enjoy being on their own and having peace and quiet. For this reason, a busy hospital could be overwhelming to a Pisces. The Pisces mom might be drawn to a home birth or birthing center for a quieter and less disturbed labor and delivery. Wherever she chooses to give birth, mom can pack a few things that will make her feel more comfortable. It will be important for the Pisces mom to create a feeling of safety and wellbeing in the room she's giving birth. She'll want to tune out any distractions, and her favorite guided meditation can help her to do that. She'll also want a plan that will let her slip out of the room if things are getting too overwhelming. Slippers are a must for this laboring mom.

1 Pisces: Leave Everyone Behind (For A Little While)


According to Astrostyle, "A part of you is always trying to “swim away” or escape reality... Your imagination is the perfect hideout when you want to escape, since Pisces is so creative." A bit of a loner, she can grab her slippers and take a walk around the hospital alone. A robe might help in this short-term escape too, so her fanny isn't hanging out as she makes her rounds around the hospital. These breaks can help her to focus on her own body and keep her in a state of calm. The Pisces mom will want to make sure that her birth partners are independent too. During this challenging time, mom won't feel up to tending to the tender hearts of others. Mom's birth coach will need to be someone who's okay with her going to a quiet place in her mind or taking a break by herself.

Source: AstroStyle

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