What Kind Of Mom You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

There are many types of moms, such as planners who never go anywhere without their paper agenda, or people who prefer to wing it. When a woman is pregnant with her first child, she starts thinking about what kind of mom she's going to be, and it's exciting to picture it. Even when she's about to have her second or third child, she still wonders what kind of mom she is, and how others see her.

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The Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment is a great way to figure out more about our personalities. Let's take a look at the kind of mom we are based on our MBTI.

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8 INFJ: The Mom With All The Answers And Advice

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If you're an INFJ, you're an "insightful visionary" and you're described as someone who is "compassionate and quietly inspiring; they enjoy helping others grow and develop." You don't like when you can't follow your typical schedule, you're great at planning and organization, and you can't stand when people are down about your ideas.

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If you're an INFJ, then you're the mom with all the answers and advice. Everyone comes to you when their kid has a bad cold and they want to know the best natural remedies, and you give amazing advice for problems big and small. You should be proud of yourself because it's really awesome that people look up to you in this way.

7 ESFJ: The Planner, Coach, And PTA Mom

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You're a "Supportive Contributor" and an ESFJ if you have an "outgoing" personality. You don't like being alone and you want to help others. What kind of mom are you if you're an ESFJ? You're a planner, coach, and head of the PTA.

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If your kids are involved in sports, you're volunteering as a coach. When there's something to plan, from a birthday bash to a vacation, you're all on it. Your friends and the mothers of your kids' friends know that you're the one sending out group emails and asking people for RSVPs and sign-ups. If something needs to get done, you're on it. You're "helpful" and "decisive" and "enthusiastic."

6 ESFP: The Hippie DIY Mom

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Being an ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improviser" means that you're a social person who enjoys hanging out with others. You're described as "fun loving" and "optimistic" and "playful."

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You bring these qualities to your motherhood journey, which means that if this is your MBTI, then you're a hippie mom who loves to DIY. Since you're so outgoing and love talking to other people, you're always sharing that great granola recipe you just found that is low sugar but somehow tastes awesome, and you love to talk to other moms about your experiences. You get a lot of joy out of being a mom, and if there's one thing that you definitely dislike, it's when you're not sure what your "purpose" is. You feel like being your mom is your purpose, and you're really happy.

5 ISTJ: The By-The-Book Mom Who's Always Researching


You're an ISTJ and "Responsible Realist" if you're "steadfast" and "analytical." You're not worried about hard work and you're described as detail-oriented. If this is your MTBI, that means that you're a by-the-book mom who's always researching.

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You want the best for your kids and you're never going to stop until you've figured out the best of the best. From car seats to what you should be feeding them for meals and snacks, you're always finding out the latest products, parenting trends, and beliefs. This is fun for you. You're the kind of mom who others can always count on.

4 INFP: The Sweet, Girly Mom Who Always Does The Right Thing


Being an INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist" means that you're a sweet, girly mom who always does the right thing. As the official description says, INFPs "often enjoy devising creative solutions to problems while making moral commitments to what they believe in."

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If you notice that there's a kid being left out at school, you invite them over for a playdate with your child and make sure that they're on the birthday invite list. You always talk to other moms and make sure that everyone is happy and doing well, and you're described as "idealistic" and "gentle" and "compassionate." You think that every kid should be happy and you think that everyone should do the right thing.

3 ENTJ: The Flawless Mom Who Has It All Together (And Plans Everything Perfectly)


If you're an ENTJ, you're a "Decisive Strategist." As you can tell from that description, that means that it's in your personality to think about the future. You're described as "tough" and "take charge."

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If you're an ENTJ, you're a flawless mom who has it all together. You plan everything perfectly, and people are always super impressed by how you run your household and do everything that's on your plate. You just really enjoy being on top of things and making sure that everything is set up properly. When people ask how you do it all, you say that's just your personality.

2 ENFJ: The Mom With A Big Family


If you're an ENFJ or "Compassionate Facilitator" then you're someone who works better with others than you do by yourself. It's no wonder, then, that when it comes to what kind of mom you are, you're a mom with a big family.

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You always dreamed of having lots of kids, and now you're happily living out that dream. You're "enthusiastic" and "idealistic" and "compassionate." You don't like when change happens without you being unaware and in the workplace, you like "an environment that promotes collaboration and harmony." You apply that personality trait to your family, and you make sure that your kids get along and that everyone is having fun.

1 ESTP: The Mom Who's Always Worrying (But Always Finds A Solution)


If you're an ESTP or "Energetic Problem-Solver" the official description says, "They apply common sense and experience to problems, quickly analyzing what is wrong and then fixing it." You're the mom who's always worrying... but since you always find a solution, it always works out.

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Sure, all moms worry and are concerned about things that affect their children, but this is a big part of your personality. ESTPs are the ones who fix problems that come up at work and who make sure that things are running smoothly. You do this with your family, and as a result, you "learn from doing" and are also a "rational" person who is a "problem solver."

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